: Building a Fast graphics Computer for Poser 9/2012 Renders & Carrara



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    Thank you both for contributing.

    Here is another link, in this forum, to a fellow also looking to build a Graphics Renderer machine. The thread coincident with this (started Feb 7 2013) but he's in Europe. He does have a closer take on AMD than here and the thread makes a couple of points and adds a couple of useful benchmark links that I am documenting here.


    Here is an excerpt and a couple link from that thread adding to the info here:

    Looking for a new CPU & need AMD FX8350/20 Vue render test results - 3DToons

    "I’ve posted this message at other sites as well, so if you replied there, you don’t have to do it twice….. just figured may as well get some help here and gather as much info as I can get.

    I’ve got a laptop with an i5-2450M 2.5 GHz in it. Compared to my old laptop, it is very fast, actually twice as fast, but it’s slow in rendering on certain scenes. What kills the i5 speed are transparencies in Poser/DS and volumetric skies with cloud layers in Vue.

    I did run Cinebench 11.5 on my laptop and got a score of 2.07…. very low."

    I was thinking of buying a desktop just for rendering. Don’t want to spent lot’s of money on, but it needs to be a lot faster then my laptop, but a simple system will do, no fancy graphics card and so on. I intend to sent the final versions of scenes created in 3D software that need to be rendered there, while working on the laptop on new scenes.

    Started to look around and the 8 core AMD FX-8150 seems pretty good, get’s a bit more then 6 on Cinebench 11.5. The FX-8120 seems close as well, could be an ok choice. The i5 2500 is close, but I’m afraid it has the same transparency / skies issues as mine. The i7 2600 is an option, but I do find that a bit too expensive and I’m not sure how much gain there will be. Not sure how the newer i5’s & i7’s will prerform, but they’re pricey. The new AMD’s A10 seem to be a no-go, since they’re much slower then the old ones according to the tests.

    After some more looking around I found out that AMD also has the FX-8350 and FX-8320 cpu’s, which are better then the 81xx series and even get better ratings. The FX-8350 gets a 6.93 in CineBench 11.5 and the FX-8320 a 6.41. The FX-8350 is rated above the i7-2600k when it comes to rendering.

    Does anyone use the FX-8350 or 8320 with and how does it perform? Does it choke on transparancies or skies as the i5 does? Perhaps someone with a machine like that can render a test scene I’ve set up in Vue and post the time? Anyone who does have a FX-8350 or 30. FX-8150 or 30 or i5 and even i7 could you perhaps participate, post your cpu and the rendering time and even Vue version (preferably 10), that would be a great help!


    If you want to compare CPUs, the best resource is the Anand Bench database, which has Cinebench and POVray for comparing rendering performance:

    What it does not show, is the overclocking performance, where Intel usually can be overclocked more than AMD, making Intel the winner for both non- and overclocked.
    But AMD usually wins the performance/$ category…

    What is your budget?

    3D ToonsAns:
    I’m looking at spending around €400 for this rendering machine, no keyboard or monitor included, got those still. i’m going to place it in the attic or so and sent files to it to render, not using it for anything else, got my laptop for that. €400 would get me a lot more in US, but shipping to Europe is expensive, so I’m buying here in the Netherlands or perhaps Germany or the UK, if they ship it at reasonable prices.


    My recommendation if you are comfortable with overclocking:

    Core i5 3570k (4 real cores, unlike your laptops 2 only, running at almost twice the speed per core), Core i5 2500k also overclocks well
    Socket 1155 z77 mobo
    8GB RAM
    Zalman PSU and case
    Aftermarket fan and thermal paste

    Stability test with OCCT, http://www.ocbase.com/

    If you do not want to overclock, then the only AMD CPU option is FX8350, it seems to keep up well with Intel CPUs in the same price range:

    System price will be similar, since AMD FX8350 and Core i5 3570k cost the same.

    BTW, got Vue 10 Frontier, but do not have the Seychelles scene to benchmark.


    Thanks for posting the image and the rendering times that go with it. Quite a difference with my i5 laptop, stock…. 1m28s, final….. 1m38s and ultra 6m4s

    I’m stipp hoping someone with a FX-8350 (or FX-8320) will notice this thread, that’s the only one I’m still missing. Got i5’s, quite some different i7’s, the Fx-8150, but the 83 series is still missing."

    Again, go to the thread for more detailed info or if you can help this fellow with an AMD Speed Test:


    But if you've got any AMD info or experience I'm looking for that here, too. That is part of the original purpose of this thread.

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    AMD Discussion starts post Number 25:


  • before buy anything, you should refer to this only Poser benchmark on the internet :



    it helps to see the different performance between CPU and Poser Release.


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