Options to convert Carrara Plugin to DAZ studio plugin

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Is there a quick automated way to convert Carrara Plugin to DAZ Plugin?

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  • Very unliely, DS and Carrara have different features and different data structures.

  • So I did convert Ground Control from Carrara. I wrote the core logic (read a file, build a mesh, generate a texture, etc.) like you would a library. All four versions  of Ground Control (DAZ Studio, Carrara, LightWave, and an unreleased Photoshop) use the same library and each version has a fairly thin shim to handle UI and do some data type transformations. It does require some thinking ahead, or at least a lot of refactoring to get it generic. Originally all the code was very entangled with the Carrara SDK. I made it generic when porting to LW, then used it again for DAZ, then Photoshop.

    I did a similar thing to isolate the logic of Anything Goos when I built the LW version, but then never used it to port to another app or pulled that implemenation back into Carrara so not sure how successful I was. At one point I was planning to port Anything Goos to DAZ Studio, but Ground Control never really got any traction so lost interest.


  • I SamuelI Samuel Posts: 233


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