Problem with selections

Well, selection modes, actually.

Selecting single objects like faces, edges ans points isn't a problem, also selecting several of them.

But the lasso-selection or the rectangular selection don't work. I tried every combinations of buttons I could think of, nothing works.

So, either there is a glitch or so or I missed something. How are these selection-modes meant to be used? Which button do I have to press to select a buch of faces with the lasso?


  • AngluAnglu Posts: 33

    I forgot to mention: I'm on a Mac, El Capitan.

  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215

    Make sure that you first select the Object you want to work with. (Object Select, click on object in the view window or its name in the list of objects)

    After that, you should be able to select whatever selection mode you wish and select verts/edges/faces using the various tools.

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