Modeled on Geometry Eyes Vs Eyeball objects

Working on a sci fi cartoon comic using Daz Studio 3, Hexagon, and Blacksmith 3D.  I'm making a few alien background characters that will be modelel heads on existing 3D model bodies.  I have been debating on whether i should model the eyes as part of the geometry, similiar to low poly models.  Or should i create actual model eyeballs seperate from the head.  That way i can independently move them left, right, up/down, etc.  Does anyone have any experience doings this?.  I think the actual eyeball obj is more work but has more advantages.  For example making the bg characters seem as their actually looking ( at the protaganist in a scene) at something.


  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215

    Create separate eyeball geometry for each individual eye.

    However, if you're using a fairly humanoid looking head and you can use the figure's eyes you're working with, then just morph the figure's eyes to fit/work-with the custom heads. It shouldn't be too bad of a result for background figs. But, it may just be easier to model your own eye models.

    Note: Eyes are very important. No matter how far away someone's head is, or what type of head it is, our own gaze is always going to be drawn to the eyes. If the eyes are screwy looking or nonsensical from an human's "intuitive" sort of body-language interpreter (even for aliens :) ) then the background figs just arne't going to look right without comparably decent eyes.

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