Genesis and Hexagon

How do I get Genesis into Hexagon? I thought of a project but I was wondering if I can make it happen in Hexagon?


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    Oooh okay first step get Genesis into Hexagon.   hmmmm?


    edit: now to figure out my serial number first or make one up then figure out how to get genesis into hexagon.

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    Top Right of this screen you'll find a blue man, click on that and choose My Account, then along the top you'll find Serial Numbers.

    Best way is to save Genesis out of Daz Studio as an OBJ file (Export). Leave it in the default T-pose unless you want to make a chair :)

    Here's a screen-grab of how I export it. When you Import it into Hexagon it will have a default name, so rename it - Gen3 then in the material pane click new and choose a colour. Save it out as a HXN file for future use.

    You can also use the DS-Hex Bridge but this is for doing Morphs.

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    A caveat for exporting the Genesis figures: set your resolution to the base level before exporting.

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    ...and get rid of the textures - that is what kills Hex stone dead!

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    What happens if you don't set resolution to base level?

    I just went through the Classic Bikini tutorial

    ‚ÄčAnd I had a tight fit on the Genesis model in Hexagon, and when I load the .obj it fits tight... but once I use the transfer utility to turn it into clothing that auto-follows, it expands and gets a huge gap around the legs and waist. I'm wondering if this is addressed in later portions of the tutorial - or if I'm going to have to start over from scratch.

  • After watching it a couple times, I followed the tutorial step by step and did not have any problems.

    Setting Genesis 3 to the base level means you are lowering the polycount, makes it more blocky but helps a little bit if you have an older machine. You should not see any difference once you transfer it in Daz Studio (as far as I know).

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