Can you import a 3d modeled character from Blender or 3ds max into poser?

Hi, I've never used Poser before but would like to give it a try once I save up enough money. I have the basic version of Clip Studio Paint and am happy with it, so I'd like to try Smith Micro's other products (Poser and Anime Studio). Personally, I would rather import the Genesis 3 characters that I have bought into Poser, but unfortunately I can't really do that. Instead, I intend to design basic characters in Daz, and then 3d model them in Blender or 3ds Max to get them exactly the way I want and then rig them and use them in Poser and Anime Studio. Can I do this?


  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215

    Yes, you can. For Poser at least. Check it's import/export filespecs. 

    You can also use Genesis 3 in Poser, as well, with a couple of different methods. So, if that's what you prefer, you can do it. (Ways are described here at DAZ and at Renderosity, IIRC.)

    And, you can also use the GOZ import/exporter for ZBrush, if that interests you.

    I don't know anything about Anime Studio, sorry.

    Just a note: As long as you're using an application that accepts wavefront object (*.obj) files and can import/export them, there's not much you can't do as far as geometry is concerned. Poser Pro is probably what you'd prefer, since it has very advanced features for custom character creation, rigging, etc.


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