Kathars - Temple with Greek and Roman influences (WIP) [Commercial]

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Hi there,

so as my first set (http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/11166/) will be published soon (hopefully, but it is through the quality process at daz etc, so it cannot take that long anymore), it is time to tackle my next project:

Those attached images are concepts to get the big shapes right from the beginning. No details etc modelled yet, but i think it gives a good first impression of the whole set nonetheless.

So my only question is: Do you like what you see?

Well, and here's another one: Is there a place around the DAZ forums where people say what they would like to see created (sets, characters, etc)? Right now i am only modelling what i like but i do not know what is trendy right now (sci-fi, fantasy, modern, grungy gritty stuff, clean licked sci-fi, etc..)

Thanks for watching

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    Wow, that is really cool!

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    Thanks Canary3d!

    I wrote Kevin a few lines but he did not get back to me so far. So i'll have to wait :)

    The Product Suggestions Forum is more for figures, right?

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    Watching with interest — that's a really good-looking building. Let us know when to start saving up... ;-)

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    This looks great! I already have ideas for renders. I really like the look of this, looking forward to more progress.


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    @SpottedKitty, Coldrake

    Thanks a lot!

    Still Modelling, Bevelling and adding details... just spotted some artefacts...

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    Modelling is finished for now. Next step will be UVing and texturing etc.

    The circle shapes in the middle will become pools, and the whole temple shall be more of a desert-like type.

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    1200 x 700 - 293K
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