Carrara Community Movie Project requires some "Rigging"

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Hey all,
As some of you guys are aware we are making a short animation with Carrara and are currently working on a "dry run" animation to get the general process down.. We will soon need a fully rigged skeleton for our character models so we can animate them. So, if you have a humanoid skeleton with the appropriate constraints or would like to take a crack at building one here is a perfect chance.
The character is a typical person (2 arms,2 legs,10 fingers etc) who is wearing shoes so you don't have to worry about the toes to much. We will have a couple of shots of the hands so we will need the fingers done. We should have the models ready in a week or so but in the meantime you can work on the rig and constraints.
If you are interested and have any questions let us know or you can look at the other Carrara Community Movie threads.



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    Excellent idea, Mike - hope someone will come up with a rig. We could always "borrow" M4's rig, but then it would be against the TOS to distribute:)

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    Yes -Roygee true ---and really the beauty of trying to do the whole thing in Carrara is we never run into any TOS issues. We might have some issues with plugins use maybe --just thinking aloud here.


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