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Very often a file will need another part, or a particular figure to add to or complete the product for sale. I understand this when there is a relationship between the different parts/files. Although sadly it means I can't go ahead until I have bought all the product needed parts, so I go no further.

Fortunately there is sufficient free product around and in the programme for a newbie to play with.[ and my heartfelt thanks to all those artists who provide this]

Recently I was directed by a friend to look at the Genesis baby as a possible purchase. The 'product needed' there is what I would call an environment product and I can't see what connection it would have with the Genesis baby except as a marketing ploy to sell another product - is this assumption correct or, as I suspect, is it more likely the 'product needed' is a mistake?

If the latter how do we contact the vendor to advise this as there is no link to them from their name

[ http://www.daz3d.com/shop/baby-for-genesis]


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    The products necessary are Genesis head and body morph packs. If it was showing something else, it's due to a store glitch (which happens frequently until the new store's bugs are squished).

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    Thank you - I thought it had to be a mistake

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