Render engines available for DAZ Studio

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Hi, I wanted to know which are the other render engines that integrate with DAZ Studio, except 3Delight obviously. Can I use for example Vray?


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    You can use the Reality plugin which can export DAZstudio scenes to LUXRender for unbiased rendering.

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    Only LuxRender, via Reality, has any kind of integration.

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    Why no one has created plugins to integrate other render engines?

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    Daz Studio can create RIB files.

    any RISpec render that can open RIB files should be able to render them

    one example is RenderPIXIE an open source RISpec renderer that renders rib files

    Please note I have not used this, just read through the documentation on it.
    also there is no guarantee that the DAZ/3Delight shaders will work properly with other render engines.

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    biowep said:
    Why no one has created plugins to integrate other render engines?
    Probably because it takes a lot of time and knowledge.

    There is an Octane Plug-in for Daz Studio due sometime this year but unlike Lux, Octane isn't free.

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    Exporting as a RIB can be useful...but with a warning. 3Delight and PRman have the capabilities to recompile the shaders without the source code. If you are using a current version DS and current version of the stand alone 3Delight, you should be fine as far as shaders go. (PRman will probably want a recompile). But...and here's the biggie...Aqsis and Pixie do not. The shaders need to be manually compiled for them and they can't use the out of the box sdl files, without the source code (and most of the DS shaders don't come with's embedded in the sdl file in a form that can't be extracted...that allows for recompiling) you will need to substitute shaders or you'll end up with a lot of white/gray figures in a blank/black background...not exactly 'usable'. So just because it's 'RiSpec' doesn't necessarily mean it will actually produce something worthwhile without a lot of extra work.

    As to PoVray...yes, there is a workflow from DS to it...but, it's easier to get a Poser scene into can also get to Kerkythea this way, too...

    Casual has a set of scripts to get a DS scene into Blender to render in Cycles...

    The big, time consuming, difficult job is converting the materials over to the format used by a particular renderer...there's no real need to convert for other RiSpec renderers (other than shader files that aren't 'shareable'...), while Lux, Octane, Povray, Cycles and all the rest have very different materials...and they are usually NOT directly usable in the form used by a Renderman renderer. And that's why there aren't a lot of plugins...yeah, the geometry/scene is easy to export...translating materials, not easy. And even using FBX or Collada formats doesn't make the translations any easier...because even if the app/renderer you want to use can import them, the materials will STILL need tweaking.

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    I think that octane render is the fastest for an acceptable quality.
    I have tested reality/luxrender, but too long rendering for me. I've test also keyshot in my work, and also maxwell render.
    Finally I have bought octane and wait for the plugin for DAZ.
    Here is a little comparison. (original was 10800x4500 pixel and is too big for forum)
    and the second one is a render by octane in 8 minutes (4000x2670 pixel)

    1536 x 1024 - 297K
    2000 x 833 - 185K
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    There is already a plugin for DAZ to Octane, but it is a limited beta version and is more of a bridge than anything. As mentioned already though there is a new plugin in development that looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.

    But Octane has its restrictions in that it requires a CUDA enabled card, and as it is a GPU-based renderer the scene size is limited to the memory on said card(s). It also isn't free as already stated, but is well worth it for the fast render times if you have the necessary hardware.

    LuxRender is free and can produce outstanding results, but has extremely long render times in comparison. The Reality plugin makes it easy to export your scene to LuxRender, and is cheaper than buying Octane.

    Exporting and rendering in 3DS Max / C4D / Maya with Vray is a popular route. I've only used 3DS Max before and found it touch-and-go as to working between the two programs without too many hiccups (But i'm a 3DS noob!).

    There's many others out there, these are the only ones I've worked with personally, and I prefer Octane out of the ones I've listed. But it's all down to the results wanted.

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    Results will vary between all of them as it all depends on who is doing it.

    Side note, Lux Render does have GPU & Hybrid rendering support. You will require an OpenCL video card - ATI or Nvidia.

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    any application with a rendering engine or standalone rendering engine that has an interface to that application that can open Collada or OBJ files could be used to render a scene in Daz Studio provided it is exported and the surfaces are collected and modified if needed.
    Not as easy as it sounds.
    Cycles is free, you can try that, the link was posted above the other option if you use DS3 (but not DS4) and have windows is LuxRenderDS which is also free,

    Have you tried the uberenvironment in Daz Studio? It does open up some of the higher functions of 3Delight with very little modification needed.

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    Necroing this thread, because I was searching for this today and having trouble. So, 5 years later, other than Reality, 3dl, and iRay, what renderers are available for Daz Scenes with with some sort of plug in or with an export import type option?

  • There's also Octane. Reality isn't a render engine - it, along with Luxus, is a tool to use the LuxRender renderer.

  • There aren't many standalone rendering solutions. Most are built to work as a plugin or integrated feature of a package that does other things. Iray can be had as a standalone, but requires a $300 a year subscription fee. I thought I also saw something somewhere that said you are limited to a certain number of renders per year, and are charged extra for anything beyond that. Can't recall if that was for Iray server or somethng else. Either way, if you're rendering on your own machine and not uploading it to theirs, I can't see how anyone thinks they can dictate such a thing to the end-user/paying customer.


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    IIRC Iray doesn't have a "standalone" product (a version of the rendering software with a user console for setting up scenes and rendering), it's only available as a plugin for third party products, or Iray Server for server farms (still requires Iray with one of the applications/plugins to send your data to Iray sever). I also don't recall any image limits with the subscription, and of course they now have Iray under a "separate" company and info is a bit harder to find. At $300 a year, I doubt there would be any limits on rendering, as this would make any competitors look very good, as none that I know of have any render limits.

    Octane does have a full standalone version (i.e. a full GUI driven user environment for setting scenes up and rendering) as well as numerous plugins to 3rd party apps, including DS (Carrara too). Owning the standalone is a requirement for purchasing/using any of the Octane plugins.

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    Octane is a free plugin in Unity & you can buy Octane plugins to use in Unity's Octane plugin. I think it was $20 a month for choice of one plugin or alot more, $60 I think for 2 or them or all of them; so very expensive and sophisticated, something professional movie studios could afford and actually have the hardware and the newtork bandwidth to use the capabilities of the plugins.

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    I've downloaded it but not yet tried it.

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