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This is where we enters entries to the RRRR It cold be true render contest. Any other type of posts will be terminated unless I decide they can stay (usually to shame the poor fellow who posted in the wrong thread)

An enrtry should consist of your Tag, Imagename, and in this case "the story", and of course the image.


The Victory

English fans celebrating the Olympic Ice-hockey championship gold medal at the local pub in London




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    Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

    In February of 1953 Dr Ernst Schloepfer and his wife Miriam descended 6 miles into the Schloepfer Trench in the Indian Ocean, using his simple "Ocean Elevator" invention. They were thrilled by the unexpected habitat.

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    Chuck Norris Abducted by Aliens

    During a birthday party for his son Alexis at his rooftop hacienda in downtown Los Angeles, where Alexis idol, the rapper MC MC performed, Edwardo Muchospesos saw a spaceship lift off from the great old cathedral. He knew for sure that Chuck Norris visited the cathedral that evening, and now he didn’t answer his phone.

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    Prison Overcrowding Problem Solved

    After the fiasco of Railroad Rodent Roundup Day, the rail cars in Hamlin, Oklahoma, were repurposed as prison cells, thereby alleviating the prison overcrowding problem.

    Prison Overcrowding Problem Solved

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    Reckless Reptilian Ransacks Reykjavík

    This just in: A young Viking, Gabriel, single-handedly (well, OK, he used both hands) restrained the reptilian rampage ransacking Reykjavík. His weapon ... not previously seen in these parts ... the illuminated leg lamp.

    Reckless Reptilian Ransacks Reykjavik

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    NASA Confirms Time Travel

    Ash: Hit that throttle harder!!! We gotta get outta here NOW!

    Benjamin: I'm Givin' Her All She's Got, Ash. NASA, do you read me? Beam us back to 2017!

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    Heatwave Drives Picnickers Indoors

    It's 132 degrees F in the city. Parks are deserted. Picnickers have taken their blanket and food back indoors, to the comfort of their fans and air conditioners. Keep hydrated, people. This heat could last for eons - or not.

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    Señora Chiflada's Dance Academy
    Brownbread, erudite cousin of the infamous Blackbeard, took his crew far south one year to Montevideo to learn some sophisticated dances at Señora Chiflada's Dance Academy. 

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    Hold the Mayo

    So what happens in the wee hours when Odin gets the munchies?  Elvenheim never sleeps.  24/7 there are open diners who deliver.  Unfortunately Odin never entered the digital age and has to order the old fashion way… by screaming out his order and hoping that someone is listening.  Also the portions served by elves tend to small... so he has to compensate by quadrupling his orders.

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    D-Student Wins International Science Fair

    (Subtitle: Skimpwear for Science)

    Louis figured his science fair booth would draw a lot more attention if he could get his older sisters, Latex and Lacy, to hang out there for a couple hours. He was right! Maybe this kid is a lot smarter than his grades would indicate.

    Skimpwear for Science

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    The Horror Park

    On July 4th 2015, the worlds most advanced true 3D horror park opened right beside Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. You ride through the park in an automatic hover vehicle, AHV, but the most horrifying moment is the mad drummer at the start of the ride.

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    Hatching the Egg

    The Children of the Faerie Dragon are one of the most secretive groups in the land.  Why are their initiates instructed to shave their heads?  How are the priestess selected?  Their initiation rites have always been closely guarded secrets... until now!  The prospective priestesses are gathered together and a faery dragon descends into their midst.  The child whose head the dragon attempts to hatch will be the next priestess to be initiated. 

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    Pest Control
    Tired of the costly relocation of illegal wildlife invaders, the city of Watchoo, LA, contracted the Reiver sisters (sisters-in-law to Mayor Lumpit) to help them out. The animals were painlessly turned to exotic metal alloys and sold at auction, with profits going mostly to city beautification. 

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    Underpaid Waitstaff

    In an effort to save money on the wait staff, L'Orangerie has gone to full automation.  Unfortunately, the food still isn't very good.

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    One Man/Woman's Poison is Another Man/Woman's Meat
    Intergallactic explorer and trader Max O'Fallon became a legendary (and wealthy) folk hero when he discovered that radioactive materials were the main diet of the denizens of the Olastramon System.

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    A Double Double with Onions and a Diet Decaf, Sir

    Sir Rodney loves to entertain.  And when the weather is particularly good he has his servants take the parlor furniture outside so that his guests can comfortably enjoy the planned sport of the day. But why is it that just when the entertainment is at its height, the servants choose to interrupt with snacks?

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    Sir Mandrake Boland - Unsung Hero of the Steampunk Era
    Renowned inventor Sir Mandrake Boland arrives at his new home adjacent to his first experimental "steam farm." Sons Tad and Thad accompany him.  

    Sir Mandrake, AKA Mr Poofy Pants, is best known for his role in combatting piracy.

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    Sin City Goddess

    After the war ended that year 2 of Sin City's citizens got together and started prasing their Goddess Glendia, as they prasied her she started to desend down onto them. She was angry at them for disturbing her fun of distroying the earth.

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    A Space Saga
    After a long vogage to the remote Starnigen System in response to an urgent request from Dg Dalton of the House of Draco entrepeneur/scavangerTrixie Belle was very disappointed. Dalton had made a lucretive offer and she was anticipating a large commission.
    "You called me for this? It was a long trip. This is junk. I thought dragons had fabulous treasuries. This is pathetic," lamented Trixie.
    Big Duke repied petulantly, "My family has fallen on hard times ever since our exile from Earth. We can't fly in space without spaceships. Our wings got tiny and we got fat. And we can't find any proper maidens to capture to sell for loot." 
    Trixie was feeling a little sorry for him until the last bit, but she left without shooting him. 


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    Golf Widows Unite!

    Andrew Spencer had never missed a round of golf.  Neither wind, nor rain, nor snow, nor his 50th Anniversary were going to stay him from his rounds.  “It s easier to say you re sorry than to ask permission” he muttered.  But his wife seems to have other ideas!

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    Woman Kicks Daughter's Fiancé to the Curb

    Opal had enought of that scum her daughter was engaged to. She kicked him to the curb. "You can do better than that dirty lowlife, dear", she told her daughter.

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    He Who Swings with the Apes..

    Aubrey was so proud of her job of Itch Hunter.  But when Tarzan came in with an itch, she couldn t help but point out to him that "He who swings with the apes, gets ticks in the end."


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    Halabi's Cycles
    Againsts his wife Noura's protests, Omar Halabi emmigrated with his family to a country far away and opened a motorcycle shop. In a town called Cairo what could go wrong? A few things could and did. In spite of the wide range of bikes offered, from economical mopeds to the Yamaki Enforcer with built-in guns, the locals only wanted the latter, for hunting. Many complaints were lodged about too-high prices for the high-end choppers and Halabi's Cycles was soon cited for numerous code violations. After some research the family moved again taking their business, minus the Enforcer, to California.

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    It's Raining Money!

    While relaxing in her meagerly furnished box car home, Susie Q sipped Wealth Potion and flipped through Dream Home magazine. Suddenly, it started raining money! She may be able to buy that Collective3d home of her dreams after all.

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    Location, Location, Location

    Who would have thought that Salon Hachiro located in the stock yards would have such a thriving business.  But sheep headed for remote stations  in the outback would flock to have that last minute dye job and fluffing.

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    Viper on the Loose

    You see that sign that says "Don't tap on the glass"? Well, glass is fragile! You should have paid attention to that sign.!!!!

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    Vivienne and the Flying Blue Weasels
    When Vivienne left behind the lake for the sky she was not aware of the menace of the flying blue weasels. She quickly learned to never leave her breakfast sandwich unguarded. 

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    Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

    When the Yo Yo Dyne Corporation squelched the reporting of the alien invasion at Grover Mills in 1938, calling Orson Welles’ account a hoax, there was no mention of the previous alien invasion that had been documented by Fritz Lang.  It was somehow totally buried.  Until  now…

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    The Horror Park - Part II

    After the ride ends, you should pick your personal guide and what special interest tour you want to take. Should you pick Lola the human cannonball, Tom the navy seal or Tina the horror queen, such a hard choice.

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    Each Person Has His Own Idea of How Golf Should Be Played

    Grandpa Spencer couldn t wait to show his grandson how to play golf.  But the kid had his own ideas!

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    The Matriarchs
    "Yes, my dear Dominia, I know Vicki does not understand now, but she will be grateful when she is my age to able to run the Kingdom without distraction from males. She ought to be grateful now that you have found a use for these big, stupid, pretty boy trouble-makers so I didn't have to imprison them or worse."

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