Can I manually create my own metadata?

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I'd like to if possible create my own metadata files to retrofit pre-genesis figures (even the original V4 isn't metedataed) to link old content (hair, clothing, skin textures, etc.). Many skin textures and clothing textures have to be memorized, especiaslly difficult if the creator uses their own name instead of the product in the unzipped folder. Hair is a particular problem because most times the names won't indicate what figures they are compatible with. I've had to create catagories for clothing, textures, hair and poses with seperate subfolders for each figure and manually copy and paste them into there to create a manual compatibility reference database. with 37 gig of content, you can imagine how much I have to cruise through in each catagory... I have literally thousands of entries in my pose folders, for skin, hair, clothing and animal textures and poses and it takes a long time to load, enough to go to the bathroom and grab a snack and soda LOL. Is there a utility like the developers use in creating new metadata for our existing content to weed out unnecessary content and automate the process? Then I can pull up only compatible product rather than surfing my 37 gig DAZ database... doing this manually as I described above has already been and will remain a major project, to say the least. It's like creating a thesaurus. I'd prefer this utility to be open source (free), this metadata mess of excluding old content and screwing up our runtimes was Daz's doing, not ours... >:(

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    How-to's, tips, templates, lots of info.

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    Here is another great resource although still "only" a draft...

    I have had good help of this and the previously mentioned resource ;-)

    "Practice makes perfect"

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    Hi guys I think you will set many metadata for V4, or M4 items,(Aiko 3 or Vicky3)
    so I want to suggest one easy advice.

    You may think you must set compatibiltiy of base figure strictly. not you?

    eg you set compatibilty your V4shut as "/Generation 4 Victoria4"
    or "/Generation 4

    It is perfect, but you are too strict.

    do you remember many items for V4 and M4 can reuse in genesis?
    yes I think you know, but you set metadata compatibility, y
    ou want to set strictly do not you?

    If you want to use the itme for genesis,too (by auto fit)

    You must add compatibiltiy "genesis"
    do not forget it!

    Sometimes we need tell a lie to someguys whom we want be happy.

    I think many men know that their item do not appear smart contents for genesis,
    after making so many meta-data for 4th generation figure. yeah you were too strict.
    for yourself.

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