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How do I get the rings of the rotate manipulator to move/follow? in the same way the universal manipulators arcs do (or the way the rings do when motion is set to quaternion) while manipulating any bone or object in Carrara?

If it helps I think this is referred to as local rotation in other 3d applications

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    Render is almost done... I'll edit this when it's over...

    What you're looking for is under "File > Preferences"
    You want to turn off "Gimbal Mode"

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    Sorry for the wait.
    Anyways, here's how to change that:
    File > Preferences > 3d View > uncheck "Allow Gimbal Mode"

    Switching back and forth can be very useful. I know what you mean... sometimes it's nice to have the rotation controller actually stay with the original orientation of the object. Well there you go!

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