Anyone using Vue 10 (any version) "Exporter" feature for Daz 3 Advance and/or Version 4

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Just curious if anyone using Vue 10 with "Exporter" attempted to export scenes (mountain, sky etc...) to DS3 Advance. Providing it can be done how successful was it?



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    Might be a reason for me to finally upgrade if people are reporting success. :)

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    Complete scene export only supports .3ds and .lws and as far as I know DS cannot import those. Single objects (terrain, plants,...) can be exported as .obj. The procedural Vue textures can be baked into image files at time of export. This works fine. The results can be imported to DS and look as one would expect.

    In my opinion that is the wrong direction, though. DS is a content plugin for Vue, not the other way round. You are loosing all advantage of Vue by turning things into static objects and texture maps instead of native terrains, procedurals etc. But it "works".


    Edit: I should add that this is based on Vue 10 and 10.5 Infinite. The sky can also be exported for use on a skydome. This is probably the most useful option when going from Vue to DS.

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    I have similar experience with the compatibility between Vue 9 Esprit and Vue 10 Complete exports and DS 3, DS4 and find it works well using the Collada export .dae (figures/animations) and obj. Vue also supports Posers CR2 so entire scenes from Poser can be imported in Vue. Poser & DS can import individual collada and wavefront grouped objects, but not a whole scene from Vue. Vue Complete will export texture/material baked terrains, real growth plants, certain rocks, unlocked props, and you can export the sky as a background, animation or skybox for reassembly in other rendering apps or game engines. Many examples at

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    adamr001 said:
    Might be a reason for me to finally upgrade if people are reporting success. :)

    I know! Though after reading the other comments...not so much now :down: I understand about DS characters working in Vue my issue is (and maybe its because I used DS for such a long time) my characters always looked better rendered in DS than when I render them in Vue, Carrara, or Bryce scene. Since I have Vue Espirit I was contemplating purchasing the "Exporter" module to do that.

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    check out my gallery at
    I also have used everything and Vue10.5I is my rendering package

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