DSON hit or miss

Considering that nearly all new products sold at DAZ are D|S native only, and that one may like the former but not the later, it would be of great help to have a list of success or failures for the conversion to (or successful import into) Poser of various items, perhaps indicating the platform used if that is relevant.


  • wfbp1wwfbp1w Posts: 23

    I think most, if not all static objects can be transferred to poser with a very big BUT! Because: You usually have to rework the textures to get a good result in Poser. That can take hours or days

    Another point Poser is not able to use instances, it is possible to generate DAZ scenery in poser but all objects that are used in instances have to be placed one by one in the scenery (I’ve done it with Jackson field last year but spend more than two days for it

    To the figures: most of the Genesis 2 Character are working fine, unfortunately the clothes doesn’t

    Some clothes convert good some doesn’t, a few just have the poly’s turned backside so they are rendered normal; a few have gaps within the geometry that can’t be fixed, the textures have to be reworkede in most cases also

     I haven’t tried Genesis 3 in Poser I read that it is possible to have Genesis 3 but with some rework.

    Finally, a list would be helpful especially if someone like to buy scenery or figures

    I still hope Poser will get some kind of DUF file support

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