'Painterly Effects' in Poser 11 Pro?

I bought the upgrade from Poser 2014 Pro to Poser 11 Pro last week at a price too good to resist.

One of the attractions of the upgrade was the chance to do the kind of renders shown in Smith-Micro's promotional video referred to as 'painterly effects'.

I get a lot of banner adverts for Poser Pro 11 pop up when I'm using the internet in general and these have a woman's portrait rendered in a style that looks like an image painted using a tablet and pen.  The sort of image that a paint package filter for soft pastel or gouache might produce.

But I'm not sure whether these are only achievable by advanced users or whether I'm missing some 'easy button'.

Any advice?  (I'm no expert on Poser and am aware of comic settings:  black and white or colour, thick outline, etc. but not the soft pastel look - unless I need to really experiment with the sketch render sliders?)


  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,701

    I've never used anything beyond the sketch mode tab in Render settings.  There is a tutorial on Comic Book illustrations here:



    You might also want to ask over at the SM Poser Forum...



  • Thanks for the tutorial link, Wandw, and for the other link which I will check out.

    I hope soon to get a chance to see what can be done with Poser 11 when I get some other things finished.

    I think that the finished work in the features video I referred to probably relies on vivid, colourful textures within the scenes being rendered.

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