What are your favorite pose packs?

There are just immense amounts of poses available on Daz with a lot of overlap between packs.  (Everybody probably owns 10 of the same "bored model" looks - hands over head, hands on hips..etc.)  The PAs that develop the poses and expressions don't always have the best renders to sell the pack.  So, I thought actual users could chime in.

I'm interested in which products people find most useful and well done.  And, I think others might be interested in some help deciding on what packs to buy.  Be specific rather than just saying, "Anything by such and such artist."  From what I've seen all PAs that do pose packs have both marvelous and meh offerings.  I don't want to be down on any PA's products.  So, I'd rather hear about which pose and expression packs you'd recommend by your own experience and why.  Considurations are 1.) How useful are the poses? 2.) How well done are they? 3.) How unique is the pack in its content?

For example here are a few that I really like:

DM's Sensual Aiko 6 - The poses are well done and seem balanced.  I can use them on all my G2 and G3 females (with Pose Convertor).  And, there is a nice variety of poses that don't overlap too much with the standard Fashion Model poses.  The poses do a good job of giving the character both a sexy and cute attitude rather than the bored standard.  I have both sets 1 and 2.  Both are good.  But, I find the first set to be most useful.

Pristine for G3F - I bought the set for the one really well done floor pose with the arms crossed over each other.  I found the rest of the set to be very well done with the fair amount of crossover with other pose sets being forgivable because the poses themselves look very natural.  It is a fairly small collection but with all usable poses.

I13 Manga Style for Keiko 6 - a really great collection that effectively echoes Manga and works well with both Keiko and other G2F.  The action stances really shine.  There are other similar sets.  But, this one is a real bargain for the number of usable and unique poses.

China Doll for Mei Lin 6 and G2F - This is a really nice set of demure, subserviant type poses.  And, it does not appear to have much overlap at all with other pose packs.  The pack seems really true to its title in that all the poses would work well for your emperor's servant, concubine, Lady in Waiting...etc.  In particular, the side reclining pose and the kowtow pose are really nice.  All the bends look natural, even in the extreme positions.  The folded fan prop is included and looks great in Iray.

These are just a few of my go to sets.  I have other sets that are also very good.  But, I'd like to hear about everyone else's faves as well.

What I'd really like to see in a pose / expression set - Expressions based on new morphs that really capture the subtlety of mouth movements.  I realize that G3F is supposed to be a pain to work with because of the facial bones.  But, I'd love to see more expressions that are a finished look, rather than settings based on existing dials.  I say this because the majority of packaged expressions that I've looked at still seem caricature like to me...  I can't help but think that some of these uber talented PAs are capable of creating something better.  Cartoony expressions are no problem.  I can give Victoria a big, goofy smile with a couple of dials.  But, creating an expression that has a warm, fleeting smile, is definitely a struggle.  I have yet to see a product sample render that that totally sells me.  That said, I am going to pick up the new Authenticity Expressions for Genevieve 7.  They are some of the most natural looking that I've seen so far.

Anyway, that's some of my picks.  I'd really love to hear what pose packs others have found to be really worthwhile and for what reasons.  There's no need to bash the products you don't like.  Just highlight the ones you think are really well done and or a good value.  Thanks!



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