63 props and figures, 69 scripts, 10 plugins, 2 animations, 2 morphs all free on my site



  • TugpsxTugpsx Posts: 720

    Awesome as usual. Thanks for a great collection of scripts to make Daz animation easier.

  • thank you ;)

  • tfistfis Posts: 86

    mCasual said:

    i have mcjCycleFilter which can apply a mathematical animation curve with any range 

    one of those curves is "random()" and you can low-pass-filter it using this script.

    and you can do the decimating with mcjDecimate and mcjDecimateEx


    tfis said:

    I have a question concerning mcjshake.

    I use ist for creating idle animations. Low values on different nodes and then smoothing out with decimate, because it creates 1 key per frame (I dont want a "shake" but smooth random movements)

    It is possible to set up mcjshake to create a key every 10 frames or so? The reason is, if I put shake on an existing animation, decimate will "smooth" this animation too an it wont fit anymore.


    Thank you!
    Your script are the best things to happen for us poor people trying to do animations with dazstudio.

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