Odd ball question

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Looking at my wishlist, I find myself perplexed by one thing....what's with the comment boxes? What purpose do they serve?


  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,816
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    In case you want to add notes to it I would assume.

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    Sounds logical. Was just curious; since we're allowed to share our wishlists, thought Daz was encouraging us to become beggars. lol :cheese:

  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    I really like the comments area actually... It helps remind me why I put something in the wishlist. :)

  • MJ_VivianightMJ_Vivianight Posts: 0
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    I like the comment box idea myself. As in I can make notes if some outfit whatever requires another, or several, to get it to work. Am still going to wait though because Stegolian requiring a wrap for Aiko 3 and Aiden a bunch of V4 bikinis... Well, let's just say I will give the new site a little more time just to be sure. ;)

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 19,116
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    Can we now buy products for other people? or can people buy us a product they think they will like? if so What would happen if someone buys us a product we already own?

  • Norse GraphicsNorse Graphics Posts: 0
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    Okay.... I added some stupid notes in the comments-thing, so I'm hoping they'll get ignored for the time being. I think I started to sing the Teenage Mutant Turtle-song in the comments-box for the Turtle-dude... It was just testing!!

  • HaslorHaslor Posts: 394
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    adamr001 said:
    I really like the comments area actually... It helps remind me why I put something in the wishlist. :)

    I agree but I'd like a pop up when I click "Add to Wish List" so I can add the comment at the time, so I don't have to search later and --- now what was I going to say --- Oh remember why later.

  • earth2dearth2d Posts: 0
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    My wishlist is broken:roll:

    edit to add: so is the smiley!! LOL

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,079
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    You have to double click to add a smiley :coolsmirk:

  • TZORGTZORG Posts: 58
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    I could comment to remind myself that I only put an item on the wishlist because I liked the promos. That way I don't accidentally toss it out for not being something I want

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