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Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays... I really want to learn 3d modeling to make a dream come true, but I think, I'm over my head.. and should bail out before it is too late..... wonderful work from the Artist.:-)


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    I think without a Positive Mental Attitude most things will seem hard. Learning to model correctly and efficiently can take a few years to master. Only with determination will you succeed and trust me when or if you ever start to learn you will soon find it isn't that hard...it is the texturing that can be the challenge.

    With the wealth of knowledge available via the internet and free software like Blender it won't cost you a thing to learn apart from time.

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    Welcome to the DAZ forums. I think Pete's right. You shouldn't give up so soon. Take it one step at a time and as the old saying says, practice makes perfect. I've been working in 3D for over 10 years, and I'm STILL learning. In fact, my personal motto is:  a good day is a day I learn something new.

    Take baby steps for now, and keep at it. Soon you'll be glad you did. ;-)

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    Thank-you very much Miss B and Pete for the kind words of encouragement.. Happy New Year! Juneclayer

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    Here's a hint: play with 3D. Don't work in 3D.

    The more you play, the more you'll get excited and learn. That's how it happened for me I'll bet I'm in the majority.

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    ...an old friend Mr Haraszti once told me that we are always a student....i`ve been in the same place you are for years. And sadly i`ve lost those years that I could have used to learn, but didnt because I stopped trying on certain things. Model-making and texturing arent easy, there is a big learning curve.
    First off find some good resources to learn from, it isnt intuitive like some things so you will need to learn some new things but you can do this. Get some good resources, ask here and on other 3D websites. Organise those resources like a class....ie...say for example pick a book to work through. Try and make time everyday to learn. I say make time at first because sometimes we shy away from things that may be frustrating. later when you start to get some confidence you will be drawn to it.
    Try and make a queit atmosphere to learn in....eliminate distractions in the home....put on some good music....grab a drink nd/or a snack and relax. Remind yourself how much you want to learn this, smile, and dive in. just like swimming you will splash around, may swallow some water, but then you will learn and create and WOW!...just think how cool that is going to be.
    Dont judge yourself, dont be harsh cause its going to take some time, and when that little voice in your head starts whispering negative thoughts tell it to stop lieing and shut up :)
    Life is way too short to waste and we tend to not believe so none of that...now go play and have fun.
    ps-oh and this year i`m going to finally quit messing around myself, better late than never :)

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