New User cant find Daz purchased items

New to Poser 11.

Purchased Mill Dog and Classic Canine from Daz

Was forced to use Daz installer , installed to default folders which every new user is going to do and its a mess.

In Poser added My Daz 3D library runtime folder and now the dog shows up in figures but there is nothing in materials .

So where is my materials so poser knows where it is, I cant believe they force you to use this installer and then it sprays the items all over the place and the nothing shows up in Poser .

Thanks guys sorry for the frustration just think this system is all wrong for new users.


  • The materials (and morph settings) are all in the Pose library.

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    If you look at the documentation for a DAZ product, it contains a file list.  There is a link on each product's Store page, and they are also in the Runtime/Support folder where ever you installed the content...

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