V4 UV maps for M4??

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I've got V4 and M4 in Studio3 and I've got a figure icon labeled "Michael4 (V4 UV).cr2" but it doesn't work. >:(
It gives me the error "Cannot find a file for Runtime/Geometries/DAZPeople/blMilMan_m4b_v4uv.obj"

I brute force searched my entire "content & runtime" folders and could not find that file file, or even a similarly named file. This is a brand new carefully reinstalled complete library. What am I missing? Help!

My library is now completely consolidated into one "content" folder and its "runtime" subfolder. I have both the DS and PS links pointing to the DAZ default location in my "documents" area. I've had M4 for a long time but this is the first time I ever wanted to use the V4 UV-maps for it, so I don't know if it ever worked at all. And is this part of the standard M4 distribution or was it a 3rd party product?

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    Was that part of the M4 Enhanced product?

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    I think that was a freebie ConnieKat put together. However, since you're using DS, it's quite simple to swap the UVs anyway.

    See the How to Swap UVs for Gen4 Characters link in my tutorials and freebies index below.

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    Thank you all. I'll see if I can get DAZ Studio3 (and 4) to substitute UVs the native way.

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    Yep, got it to work. Thank you.

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    Oh, outstanding! I had no idea that was possible! Now I don't have to convert the skins with Texture Converter and screw up the bump and spec maps! This is outrageously good timing -- I was just working on something where I've got a V4 texture I wanted to use on M4, and because of the sincerely outrageous bump mapping I was dreading having to convert the thing. Now I don't have to! YAY!

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