Making Clothes - Fugazi's Hex Tutorials

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I bought Fugazi's Tutorials when they first came out but could not take advantage of them coz I was having problems with the later versions Daz Studio, I'm getting on a bit and do not like the way it does things (oldies don't like change).

The tutorials are pretty good, and I did learn a thing or two, so for me they were worth buying.

Normally I would point new-comers to a free video tutorial but nothing I have come across so far explains how to get things from Hex into Daz Studio and finish things off so the clothes move with the character.

Please take into account this is only my second attempt at making clothes, I followed along with Fugazi then tried it solo (nipping back now and again when I got into trouble).

Link to tutorials -

500 x 650 - 32K


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