Alien makeup (WIP)

Just earlier, I got the Blacksmith3D program, and already, I've started doing something for myself. At the moment, I'm having a go with applying makeup on a 3D model head from V4. I'm also planning creating a bump map and facial morphs to go with it.

This is the standard version of the program, limiting me to do 3 layers. The lips were done on a separate file.


  • I just had to go and add more on the upper eyelid, as the above render look strange on The Girl 4 figure when I looked at it. Just hope it looks good on Aiko 4.

  • The (altered) alien makeup for the V4, The Girl 4 and Aiko 4...


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    That's very cool!  Look forward to seeing your work progress!

  • Abit later sometime, I may get the Texture Transformer tool, which can transform V4 textures into G2F (or G3F) textures.

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    I'm on my next stage of the work process, the bump texture. I have one type of surface texture made up at the moment.

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  • I found a texture image online, and then applied it all over evenly as possible, for the bump texture...

    I may try out reptile skins as another texture.


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    They are begining to look like masks, I like it!!!

  • Ok, at the moment, I'm having the tough issue of creating morph injections and taking them to work in Poser frown Unless someone here knows how to use Blacksmith3D for exporting morph injections.

  • Ok, I found a way round to do this, thanks to the Blacksmith3D forum area on Renderosity (where the moderator led me through it). I exported the obj with the morph applied, and loaded it as a morph target on Poser (in the Object menu on the program) smiley

    Rest of the head/body or the eyes?

  • More makeup...

  • I've been starting to miss this place for a while, well, a few months. I managed to find my wip thread buried 5 pages deep.

    Anyway, I'm slowly getting back into doing more of this female green alien, as I'm doing the bump texture top to bottom of the body, which I've been working on just earlier.



    I scrapped the idea of my bump texture and used an existing one, and created a series of alien tribal markings top to bottom

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    Lovely !!

    The earliest, that look like a plastic mask, have given me an idea...

    Thank you.

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    I like the body markings, they are more sublte than the face and softer in the conversion from light to dark green

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