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    I had Dson Importer installed on a previous computer & it worked very well but since that computer crashed & I had to buy a new one I can't get the Dson Importor to work right importing G2 characters & clothes. I have windows 10 with Poser Pro 11 & when I add my character then the clothes go in all twisted up & to large & will not conform to the character, so what is wrong?? I can put an artical of clothes in first & they go in right & can then add the character & it conforms right but then if I add more clothes they go in twisted & to larger & will not conform??

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    If you have the last Beta version of the DSON Importer in your product library, give that version a try.  I use that version because the current production version causes geometry distortions in G2 figures.

    If you are logged into your DAZ account you can download it here:

  • Thank you for your help, actually I found the problem is for some reason my computer has Poser Pro 11 in my programs twice & I have been trying to put the Dson Importor in the one that I'm not working in on my computer. The newer 64 bit version is working good since I installed it in the right Poser copy

  • I am still having problems with the G2 in Poser with the Dson Importer. I got the clothes to go on the figures right but now the figure will not take a preset pose with the clothes on. It will pose with no clothes on  but not with clothes. I never had these problems before when I was using the G2 & Dson Importer with my previous computer & it also had Win 10. Didn't come with Win 10 like the new one did but it was updated to Win 10

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