Help!! - Do these morphs exist in the standard Daz Studio 4 package?

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Hi everyone, first post here and first time using Daz Studio 4 as well. Just want to know if the default software downloaded has morphs for facial expressions, shoulder breadth, breast size, etc? I couldn't find any of these in the 'editor' window. Do I need to download morphs ++ for this, or is there some not-so-obvious parameter list that I'm not aware of? I've read a number of user guides but without getting concrete answers.

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    HI schoolstrikemalaysia

    Welcome :)

    Morphs are part of the Model, rather than part5 of the Program you use the model in.

    The Morphs for a model are normally located in the "Parameters" panel on the right hand side,. but with the Genesis figure (included with Daz Studio 4) they're also accessible through the "shaping" tab on the left hand side.

    There should be some Basic morphs included in genesis to adjust the face, like "Eyes closed" to create blinking etc, and "mouth open"
    there should also be some Body morphs to change the shape of the figure from basic Male to basic Female, but by adding new "Characters" like Victoria-5 , Micharel-5, the Troll, Gorilla, Anubis, etc... then you add all of those character combinations into your Genesis figure, and that gives you many more options.

    There are also specific Face and Body morph expansion packs fr Genesis, but the Morphs++ packs are only for Victoria 4, and Michael 4, which are different base figures.

    Hope it helps :)

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    This may help you. Do a search in the store for just Expressions Genesis and then Morphs Genesis. You will soon see that the genesis character has it's own sets and lots to chose from. The V4 and M4 sets will not work on Genesis without you buying more items you may not need at this time. Only spend your money on what you can use.

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    I can't recall exactly what, but Genesis does have expression morphs - mostly atomic bits, for the eye and mouth and so on, rather than simple compound expressions on a single slider. If you are using the Parameters pane they are on the head node (in general dynamic controls, such as posing and expressions, are on the node deepest down into the hierarchy that will support them - the controls for making the fingers flex, for example, are on the hand).

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    For an expanded set of genesis morphs, search 'genesis evolution' on the store, or click here. You can find an entire list of the expressions under the posing tab, with the head selected, and selecting 'editor' instead of presets. If you don't see that tab in your interface setup, go to the top menu bar, and select window > tabs > posing.

    The standard installation of the genesis figure does come with a fair amount of body, head, and expression morps. If the standard and the expanded sets of morphs don't have exactly what you're looking for, though, you can also create your own morphs in Hexagon, or Zbrush, if you happen to have it. Just don't change the base topology, like adding or removing an edge loop, or you will turn it into a unique model, and loose the ability to use morphs and its original rigging information.

    Most 3D software packages, like 3dsmax or Maya, have utilities for creating morph targets (or 'blend shapes' in Maya), but I've yet to experiment with exporting morph targets from either of those packages to Daz. Since using GoZ to take the genesis figure into Zbrush and back is so easy, I honestly haven't had the motivation to try. However, creating morphs in Hexagon should be somewhat similar to Zbrush, since there's a bridge between Hexagon in Daz, and the sculpting brushes will let you paint deformations in a similar fashion.

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