Decimator messes with Texture Maps

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Hey guys. I don't know when this started happening, but I've been trying to reduce the polycount of the character, yet the I lower the polygon count, The face image kind of falls out of synch with the rest of the images.

Thanks in advance guys.


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    Which figure? If it was Genesis, which uv set was it using?

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    Well at first it was using the default, but I just tried tto change it and it still did the same thing.

    Here's a screenshot.

    See how the nostrils are down by the lips? I can't remember which UV map it was originally. I don't think it matters though because I tried this witha few Genisis characters and it still did this. I don't know if this always happened or if it just started.

    After more testing, I've realized that The Kid 4 UVs are used. After decimating though, it goes to Default UVs and then the face gets messed up.


    EDIT: Hmm it seems to only happen with some skin maps. The V5 skin map works just fine. Interesting.. I'll post again if it does it again even with this map.

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    Yes this is a common problem now with some human figures. So far nobody has found a fix, as far as I know.

  • It's still a problem (Genesis 3 female)

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