hex not saving my model sent from daz

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Don't want to tear my hair out, so I'm asking for a little help :)

I want to send the standard skin Michael 4++ model to Hexagon. I've been opening the model in Daz Studio, saving it, then "Send to Hexagon" with the bridge. Once Hexagon opens with the Michael model, everything looks good. I save it in native format (.hxn). From here it starts to fall apart. After shutting Hex down and reopening it with my model later on, the model object seems fine, but the skin map is skewed all over the model.

The different ways I've tried saving in Hexagon so far: 1) Save it immediately in .hxn format. 2) Clicking Validate, then saving. 3) Adding a primitive, then saving. Once I'm done saving (.hxn format), I quit and close Hex.



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    That is a little trick Hex has - it flips textures vertically. Don't know how you would fix it with complex textures - if it was a single texture, you could flip it vertically.

    Is there any particular reason you need to save the textures intact? Normally when making a morph, it would be in and out of Hex without saving and when using as a mannekin to make clothes, it is a good idea to get rid of all materials before starting.

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    This is a good point that many people newer to using hex bridge might not realize and probably should be on a sticky somewhere. Most people aren't trying to bring textures into hex intact on a model as it has no render engine nor any method for modifying the texture as it has no paint capabilities. There might be a good reason I'm not thinking of to do it so I don't want to infer it is a bad idea, just that on first blush it seems more common that it would be something someone who isn't as familiar as to why and how to use the bridge might logically think to do but may not actually be serving a purpose.

    ps, I apologize for the overly complex sentence structure. It's early and I can't think of a simpler way to put it off the top. Oh, and thanks for the tip on flipping textures vertically Roygee. I hadn't run into that yet and probably would have confused me at some point :)

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    There's no technical reason for wanting to keep the textures on. It just would make it easier for me to visualize. But both your explanations make sense from a functionality/process perspective. Thanks for the very helpful info!

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    I've painted in hex but I wouldn't recommend it. So yes you can modify textures in it, not just UV's but also paint on them.

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