Free Cyclopstrich - Studio version coming soon - Carrara figure

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    Hey gang, sorry.  I discovered a few stray polygons in the beak.  Should be fixed now.  I have replaced the zip file with an update.

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    Studio version with wings coming soon.  Am rigging now.  Will also be making a conforming saddle so your characters can hitch a ride.


    hh02 tool tab open joint editor.JPG
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  • I want to see ALL your carrara characters =P

    Upload a render of them. I want to see and learn.

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    Thanks for your interest!  A lot of my characters are buried in old runtimes.  However, I collected a bunch of claymation/puppetoon style creatures and characters that I made for Carrara monthly challenges.  I posted them in my art forum thread to collect everthing there.  In addition to the cyclopstritch, there is a ghostbuster gobbler, a birdman, a crabman, a robot from Silent Running, a plant monster, ET, and bunch of toon people of every age.

    On my to do list is making some G8 full body morphs for my projects in this style.  Afraid that you won't find much to learn because you are so much more advanced than me, but I'd sure learn a lot from you!  Would love to have follow up conversations if you get a chance to take a look at my collage.  

    I do have at least a half dozen Studio-compatible freebes in the works, so I am not abandining this thread.  More freebies soon - but unfotunately it might be Daz soon.  laugh.  


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