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I'm looking to purchase poser 11. I'm wondering can I use figures like v4, gen, gen2 and gen3 and their clothes in poser 11. I'm asking because I saw poser 11 pro has this fitting room thing. And I don't really have the money to get the pro version. Do I need that fitting room to use my daz products or will I be okay with the non pro version?
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    V4 will work in P11 natively.

    Genesis and Genesis 2 will work through the DSON importer for Poser, but be awere that not all items have Poser companion files or Poser materials.

    Genesis 3 won't work "as is", but there are workarounds to make G3 work via the DSON importer.

  • So I don't need this fitting room feature in poser pro then?
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    Fitting room will be useful if you want to fit clothes from one figure to another, but it's not required to use DAZ figures in Poser.

    I don't think the DSON importer provides autofit features, but you can always use DS to autofit the clothes and resave the converted version for use in Poser.

  • I think I'll do that then. Thanks for your help
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    Vicky 4 is a Poser figure so She and Mike 4 will work in Poser.

    DSON doesn't convert clothes from one figure to another so the fitting room could be useful.

    Another option is Wardrobe Wizard. You get that with the Pro version and I think you get it with the standard version but it only comes with support for the figures that come with Poser. You can buy support for other figures from PhilC (I think he is still selling them). He does support for Vicky 4 and Genesis, I don't know about Genesis 2 or 3 though.

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    I want to export iray scenes to poser, but they don't import at all with the D3D importer.

    I tried exporting a FBX scene from daz but the props are all centred when opened in poser.

    Any ideas?

    I'm mainly working on the persepctx emergency room right now.

    Love esther

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    is it possible to make a pose file in ds that could be exported to poser, to put everything into the correct positions?


  • Yes, using the Poser Format Exporter http://www.daz3d.com/poser-format-exporter-pfe (I thought that was free, check there isn't a version bundled with the DS content).

  • The DSON importer only works with Poser Pro, so you need to have Poser Pro to use the Genesis figures in Poser. (I noticed nobody pointed that out, and it seems like the most relevant detail here.)

  • The DSON Importer works with non-Pro Poser, hence the requirement for Poser 9+ (non pro) or PoserPro 2012+

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