Skin materials like THIS?

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I really love this image for the simple reason that it gets the skin materials looking SOOOO good... problem is: it's a Firefly render, not a 3DLight render...

I've been searching for some way to get this kind of skin in D|S4... but haven't found it yet...

Anyone found that formula yet?


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    Take a look at this character:
    It has that same waxxy look, and comes with Daz optimized mats (and a Genesis version). The first promo and the darker promo both have that look and both say PP2012 with Subsurface Scattering. Maybe it's the SSS that makes the difference?

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    Try using a low SSS value with Ubersurface or pwSurface2, like 20 or 30%, use medium flesh or reddish colors, drop the Diffuse Strength down to 80% (this will make the texture darker but the SSS should make up for it), and make sure AO is on and fairly strong (like 60%-75%). The final result will depend a lot of the texture you use and lighting, but try that and see if it helps any.


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    From what I understand and have seen here in the forums, no, currently there doesn't really seem to be a way to get that exact look in DS. There was a really long thread back on the old board, where people were getting close and I think it was Takeo.Kensei who produced some pretty impressive results, but...., well if it is at all possible, it'll probably be a a lot of work or at least require one particularly bright individual to release some powerful shaders.

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    I'm pretty sure there were some wax shaders in the old forums, (DAZ Studio Freepository?). If you can find them you could download them and take a look at the settings.


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    You might want to give Carrara a try, it does some very impressive renders.

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    If I have to spend money, I'm probably going to upgrade my Laptop to one nVidia equipped and go with Octane. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is extremely fast render times and that they're working on an D|S4 pluggin...

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    It's not quite that same Waxy look but it's quite possible to get some very nice results in DS itself.

    My personal favorite (of my own attempts at doing so) is this one: Finn - Light and Smoke which is just something I tossed together for Phoenix1966 to show my appreciation for another fine character. (Find, the Finn Character at Rendo by clicking here.)

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    adamr, when I get back from work, I'd love to compare notes on material settings with you!

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    Buy Finn, add lights, that's what I got. :)

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