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Lets see if I can post an image in this new forum.

Edit: Well... apparently not. :-S

Edit 2: According to another thread, it seems that image posting does not work yet. >:(

Edit 3: And now it seems to be working. :-)

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    There seems to be quite a number of issues with the new site. While I don't want to get into name calling, I'm rather surprised that it was launched publicly with so many issues.

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    I'm testing too!

    It seems to upload OK, but I cannot get the Preview to work, and it says I need that to upload multiple images?

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    Just testing an animated .GIF file. (Crossing Fingers)

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    sorry trying a practice - cant get post to delete even :( gah

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    Me too... testing 1 2 3

    If it works this image (or something similar) will be used as an "entry" page where you first have to choose the color or your Princess.

    Carrara 8 with gimp gradient background.

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    It was mentioned elsewhere, that when multiple images are posted to the new forum, they might not be displayed in the same order in which they were uploaded.

    As a test I'm posting three images to see if they stay in the desired order.

    Edit: Well... Instead of 1, 2, 3, it ends up being 3,1,2. In other words totally scrambled. They are not even arranged by file name. If they were, the order should be 2,3,1.

    The question now is... How is anyone going to create any meaningful tutorials when we can't put images in-line with the text, and can't even control the order of the images appended to the bottom of the posts?

    This seems to be an inexcusable limitation for our type of forum.

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