Transfering Enslaved Morphs to Clothing for Genesis in Poser

I have a custom master dial on my Genesis figure that enslaves several body morphs.  I've been toying with the Supersuit and G-Suit, and when I try to transfer active morphs with my custom master dial turned to 1, Poser crashes.  If I dial the enslaved parameters directly, it doesn't crash, and I have a couple of other clothing items that don't seem to have this problem at all.  Is there a way I can get DSON morph transfer to work with my master dial?  Thanks in advance for any adviceǃ


  • Are you sure the master isn't driving anything else, possibly soemthing that is problematic in Poser? ERC in general should not be an issue.

  • I'm quite sure it's not driving anything else.  Like I said, if I dial all the same parameters directly rather than through the master dial, it works fine.

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    Sorry, I don't know then. Might be worth clearing the DSON Cache (Scripts>DSON Importer>Importer Preferences) on the off-chance.

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