Does Poser make it easier to find content than daz does?

I am really frustrated with finding rendrosity content I loaded in Daz. I put the files in as stated in another helpful video in the Daz forums, but I cannot find the poses once they are loaded into my library. Search seems very unhelpful, so..

Is it easier to find where items are stored in Poser? Do they take a different format, or will all my Daz content still work there? Thinking about making the change. Am really not liking how long it takes to load items in and actually find them in Daz.


  • Poser will not, directly, read the Daz Studio content - Poser content from Daz it will of course use. The Poser library in like the Poser Formats list in the Content Library pane - if you can't find things there I doubt Poser itself will be easier, though of course sometimes a second go is all that is needed.

  • Peter WadePeter Wade Posts: 1,451

    As Richard says, Poser will not read Daz Studio content unless it has a Poser Companion file to go with it. A lot of the newer Daz Studio content does not work in Poser, anything to do with Genesis 3 won't.

    If you are doing manual installs from .zip files then have a look in at what is in the zip file. You can ignore anything in Runtime\Geometries\, Runtime\Textures\ or data\ 

    The files in Runtime\Libraries are the Poser content files. The first directory under "Libraries" says which of the library sections it is in, e.g. "Character" is the Figure section, "Pose" is the Poses section etc, then the directories under that are where you will find it in that section.

    Daz Studio content does not have fixed sections like the Poser library, anything that isn't under data or Runtime is shown in the Daz Studio library with the directories as in the zip file.

    This is how it will appear in the libraries. If you are trying to find things in Smart Content I can't help you, I've never managed to figure that out.


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    As you track down your items in Daz Studio, start categorizing them.  Then you will only have to find each item once.  Makes life much easier.

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