Selective collision with Mesh Smoothing

Once a clothing item has the smoothing modifier applied, is there a way to tell it to ignore collisions with certain body parts? Like limbs.

Like when a hand pose is very close to the body and the clothing item tries to take into account the body and hand collisions going on and it wraps around the hand.

Thanks much in advance for any help!


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    I think,, there is no good solution. Untill DAZ expand this tool,  with some weight map and limit effect.

    (for collision target ,,,and may better,,  for the smoothing mesh too,,)

    though if your clothing not cover hand (arms),  I may try use geometry  shell for Actor body first, then export it as obj,

    then slightly change the shape (not close so much), and cut we need not (eg hand mesh), and re-import it as obj,

    then set it as fake collision target obj..   ( need set opactiy  ) so that your clothing fit to actor,

    but the colison target is the fake obj (there is no hands which deformed , then smooth along to the obj body  only) ,

    I now some test ,, then even though Collison target is un-visilbe (hidden from scene) collison seems still work   as same as before.(though I do not test render,,)

    and it is reason, why I need to export geemetry shell and change it as obj.if I just hide geometry shell hand parts,, smoothmodifier still follow the hidden hands.

    bad news is,, of course it work about current posing only,though you can keep geometry shell, then after posing, and export and re-import as collision target again,, but after all,, you may need some more  tweak still.

    (eg I pefrect hide arms, then export and reimport it as obj.

    now shut not fit with sholder part as same as before,,,, then you may need carefully plan,how to modify shell as modifier target)  

    though,,, I may prefer to make morph by another 3d aprication with mix smooth modifier (change pose slightly) then use smooth  modifeired shape as morph base.

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  • Very clevor work around! Thanks Kitakoredaz !!

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526

    Ha ha,, I test it fist time ^^;; withou you ask it I may not try it,,

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