Dynamic Cloth Control DS3A 64bit?

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Was there a 64bit version of Dynamic Cloth Control for Daz Studio 3 Advanced? I have this plugin backed up on disk but only have the 32bit version. I reset my download for the plugin so that I could download the 64bit version and all I see are versions for DS4.5.

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    The DS3 version is 32-bit only.

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    Just checked and no, only a 32-bit version was released for DS 3A, I suspect the 64-bit developemnt was trumped by the development of DS4.

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    Thanks everyone.:-)

    I thought maybe since it wasn't in the resets that either DS3 plugins were no longer available to re-download from my account or it was just a site glitch. Good thing I decided to run both the 32bit and 64bit Win7 on this new machine.

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    Can someone tell me where i can gt the DS3 version of Dynamic Control. I just recently bought the Dynamic Control and its only for DAZ Studio 4.5 I still have DS3A... :(

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    Try opening a sales support ticket, though I am surprised that the legacy version is not included as a download.

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