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    bahramewe said:
    sikeus said:
    If you ever do old people, then that would probably save you a lot of time.

    The only elderly addons I found were modifications to textures with displacement maps, but nothing that modified the actual geometry with sliders. Things like saggy cheeks, double chins, etc.

    Is there anything like that?

    Right now there's a product in development by Zev0 for Genesis that may be what you're looking for. Here's the thread for that. It sounds like he's creating sliders for that. This same PA has jowl morphs for Genesis on sharecg here

    Aged for V4 and M4 uses both morphs and displacement. But it looks like the morphs are primarily on the face, and nothing like the ones under development by Zev0.

    Lola has a some nice jowls, etc. on the face. I didn't see any morphs on the hands or feet, although she did have the saggy body thing going on.

    If you like the look of the last 2 products, which are both Gen4, then you can convert them into sliders for Genesis with GenX. That's one of the cool things about GenX. You can choose certain morphs/geometry you want to transfer over, like just the jowls, and then make that into a slider. Whereas with Gen4, it's just an injection, but with the transferred GenX version, it's a slider. You can also combine several/all the targeted morphs into 1 slider, or leave them out as separate sliders.

    I have to admit I love sliders. It gives me so much more control over things than a simple injection. That's what makes converted Gen4 expressions so good, too. They're all turned into sliders.

    There may be more products out there, but I don't personally have them, so I can't tell you morphs vs. displacement maps.

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    bahramewe said:
    I monkeyed around with the Basic Child sliders on the Genesis model today. The 100% setting is appropriate for most children, but I think I'll still want to look into getting Toddler and Teen shapes, to minimize my guess work with the sliders.

    I think I agree. As mentioned to asd000, I was able to find the Basic Child slider and it seems to serve the purpose. I wish there was a Todder and Teen shape though.

    For teen shapes, you may be better off using the Body Morph Resource Kit ( and its "sequel" (, as they add a ton of sliders - some of which are geared toward younger features - which can be used to further customize genesis figures.

    The only reason I suggest this is that it will give you a lot more to work with in the long run. There isn't a whole lot you can do with other models - once you have millennium teens, that's pretty much it. With genesis, you can find a good "baseline" for a given age and save it as a preset, and then start tweaking sliders even more if you have something in particular in mind. The biggest benefit to the non-genesis models you want is that there is content available for them that you don't really need (clothes, textures, etc).

    As far as toddlers go, however, I don't know of any good options for genesis.

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    bahramewe said:
    ... this would all be off-topic....

    Yes it is common here to incorporate various subtopics in a thread. The reason I mention this actually is that if one only goes by the thread title they will often miss a lot of content that is presented the forums. Yes, it would be better at times to split things off into a subtopic, and at times that happens.. but basically, being a very interactive artistic group it tends to be somewhat freeform and changing that too much would actually hamper the free flow (creative thinking/brainstorming mentality) for some.

    I sense that the particular thing people were sidetracked on was not in your particular venue of interest and therefore was distracting, off putting even for you. That happens at times also but is less common. I don't think anyone minds a well put comment by the thread creator that a particular sidetrack is going away from their particular reason for the post. Hope the community works well for you as the people here are a good bunch and generally try to be helpful :)

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