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I have been using Daz Studio for sometime now, but don't think I have been using it too its fullest potential. A few days ago I saw a Halloween Video tutorial - I think one had to click on animation to follow the link. My question is, what plug ins or products would one have to purchase to enable the features that were mention in the video? Or put another way, what bundle - if there is one.

I have recently installed the latest version but haven't added any plug ins or upgraded or enhanced anything.

Or can someone recommend how they have added to Daz studio with such and such products shaders or whatever and then what the software is capable of?

Maybe the marketing people could come up with more configuration of bundles ranging from a small outlay to larger and explanations of what the bundles can do?


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    You haven't given a link to the video, so I have no idea what it contains, and there are loads of DAZ 3D videos on YouTube.

    DAZ Studio PRO is the free version which contains most of the plugins made by DAZ 3D, with the exception of Decimator and Animate2. Animate Lite is part of the Pro version. If you are intersetd in Animations, then buying Animate2 could be a very good move.

    The other thing you mention is Shaders, there are lots of shaders for DS for sale in the Store, but these are not considered as plugins.

    Are there any particular plugins that you think you may need? Have you made sure to enter your PRO serail number after installing DAZ Studio, as this will unlock many of the Plugins. For information of what plugins you already have, go to Help > About Installed Plugins, and you should see the list.

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    I've realised where the video is - its on the home page http://www.daz3d.com/ scroll down and click animation. Other than the models and figures has anything extra been purchased to create the video. Plug ins , shaders etc.

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    I found the one you mean.

    Well, it uses the Troll, Hag and Zombie, which are all morphs of Genesis at the beginning

    Troll - http://www.daz3d.com/shop/troll
    Zombie - http://www.daz3d.com/shop/zombie-for-genesis-and-m4

    I can't find the link to the Hag for the moment. There are lots of other items in the scene as well taht don't come free with DS 4.5, you can see each one as it comes up, then you could do a search in the Store for these items. I wouldn't recommend buying everything that is in that scene just to follow the tutorial, it would be a very expensive way to do it.

    There are a multitude of videos on YouTube which you can use to see the potential, and when you are sure you need something, buy it.

    For Genesis, I would recommend the Evolution Head and Body Morphs for a good start on morphs.

    If you need more help, the New Users Forum is there for you, just ask.

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    Thanks for that. This was my first post, so I need to check out more of the forums and I will use YouTube as well. I have been satified of what I have been able to do with Daz, but now I can see so much more if I invest my time in investigatoing all the possibilities.

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    The YouTube videos are useful, and here is another link for you : http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/software/dazstudio/4/videos/start

    Have a look at the Stickies at the top of the DAZ Studio Discussion Forum for some more useful info, and welcome to the forums.

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