perfect uninstall 4.5rc and reinstall 4.0 3 pro (solved)

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Now I do not lose my time anymore for 4.5RC,
so (yes I know It is my mistake that I installed 4.5 rc)

I just hope clear delete ,kick out daz 4.5 rc perfectly.
and keep my contents ,my handmade metadata safety, then get buck ds4 pro.

I do not care files which made on 4.5 rc , (It is lucky for me, I afraid 4.5rc so I saved a few seanes in 4.5)
yeah, I do not want to see " genesis. duf " or 4.5rc customized .daz files (which can not used 4.0.3 )
or everything concern with new ds 4.5.rc now.

just keep safety my contents and my seane files presets, my metadata my products
(I made for smart contents) etc for 4.0.3 pro

I installed every contents in one "daz contents folda " I: daz¥mylibrary

Can I do it? If you can , please tell me step by step.

I want to see my A3 move with free aniblock, again.

though not perfect uninstall, some sean files were gone and my handmade shape morph can not recognize, now,
delete many orphan products files, re-build some meta-data.

but ok. now I can say, good buy RC, hello again myfiles.

I sure hope not.

Manyguy will ask " How to remove daz4.5RC with their contents safety"
or" How to reinstall daz 4.0,3 without my contents lose" .

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