Import 3D Max 2012 to Daz settings

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Can someone please tell me what settings in Max to use in order to get a character's body shape into Daz so I can use the auto conform options as that of Victoria and Genesis please?

My goal is to import a Skyrim model and fit some armor to it for rendering in Daz Studio. I do not plan to use any of this outside my own personal use, that is, share with anyone for there games or Daz Studio.

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    I have never used Max, but the Autofit feature in DAZ Studio is designed to fit other items from previous Generation 4 figures to Genesis. It does not work at fitting clothing to any other model except Genesis.

    DS4 can import FBX and DAE formats as well as OBJ.

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    Is there anyway I can import another character body and get say some camo jeans to fit the imported mesh without too much difficulty?

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    If you bring in another figure, you will have to rig it to even be able to pose it in DS.
    DS doesn't understand the Max Biped rigging system and in any case the rigging information won't come over if you import an OBJ.

    From an ease of use standpoint, it would be easier to use morphs to make Genesis look like the character you desire.

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    Thank you for your help. This is the information I need to move forward. :)

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