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So..I have in mind to do a fan art project inspired by the upcoming Star Wars film "Rogue One", but I can't seem to find or piece together an outfit for the main character, Jyn Erso.   Everything in the store is too skimpy, too tight, or too new looking/colorful.  She needs to look like a vagabond...kinda like Indiana Jones on an expedition.

I don't mind spending a little for something decent (thinking $1.99) but I couldn't find anything.

Any ideas?

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  • well, Rough Rider or Galatic Smuggler could work, but the smuggler outfit is not cheap.

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    Thanks for the suggestions @zombietaggerung 

    I should have mentioned I am mostly interested in G2F clothing.  I'm terrible at cross platform fitting.

    I looked at Midnight Rogue for Genesis 2 Male(s).  Has possibilities.  Maybe I can kit bash something together. 

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    @dHandle Well, unfortunately if you want servicable clothing that offfers proper protection you have to look at male clothing, anything made for females will be too skimpy or have ridiculous cutouts. There should be no difficulty fitting G2m clothing to G2f, since DAZ has an auto-fit that comes with both those figures to allow cross-figure fittings.

    But since you want G2 stuff, how about: Savage Hunter or Desert Pathfinders or even the pants from Outpost Mercenary. I don't know how comfortable you are with retexturing items, but often one has to settle for an outfit and then use a photoeditor like Gimp, to recolor the items to suit your scene. And don't be afraid to kitbash, combining different pieces from different outfits to get the look your going for is really useful. 

    And don't limit yourself to the DAZ store, whatever3d is a wonderful 3d search engine that searches all the various 3d stores; including DAZ; that are out there and you may have more luck finding something if you branch out a bit. Good Luck. smileyyes

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