* CLOSED* RRRR Sayings contest ( $150 in Prizes)



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    06 Aiko 3 Pro Bundle
    08 AirBike
    65 Garden Escape Bridge
    95 Masquerade Masks

    title: Mayhem
    tag: Zawarkal #02
    saying: If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. You can also find elements of the saying "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." First she loses her wings and has to drive her airbike. And now, running into the bridge post must have been the final straw.

    This one was hard. Not only did it take me overnight and part of the morning to come up with an idea for this combination, which I've changed twice, but it was also the second bundle pull in a row and my internet connection was around 8kbps. No, not jumping. But, I was awfully tempted to get another pull.

    - Aiko3 Pro bundle items, base, ponytail hair, angel of light clothing, eyes, lynx head, michiko body makeup and eye, rei nails and lips, and the express help face expression
    - AirBike
    - Masquerade Mask
    - Garden Escape Bridge

    1800 x 1800 - 328K
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    Here's my pull.

    693 Amducias M4
    245 Dynamic Sheets
    218 A Curious Hallway
    238 The Queen's Chamber for Treasures of Egypt 2

    Since I only used the curtains from A Curious Hallway, I pulled one extra item to use, which made it even more interesting.

    55 Hammer Tail Dragon

    I also used:

    Treasures of Egypt
    Treasures of Egypt 2
    M4 Creature Creator
    Nagase Hiro 4
    M4 Enhanced
    Pharaohs of the Sun for V4
    Rena V4
    Inari Hair

    TAG: ShanarahPSU#1

    Saying: "My Kingdom For A Horse"

    What dragon could ever pass up the chance to rule over the golden kingdom of Egypt?

    1000 x 1200 - 371K
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    MelanieL said:
    MelanieL said:
    And so to my second pull:

    102 = Angel of Light for Aiko 3.0
    189 = Millennium Horse Unicorn
    241 = Michael 3.0 Universal Texture Maps (High Res)
    715 = Pickup Dred

    Well, it took me a while to round to finishing this, but here goes...


    Saying: Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

    ... even if it does look a bit strange (and so does its owner) - you know you need that ride!

    Also Used:
    Genesis (female) with Orion Hair
    DreamWeaver (freebie) White Horse texture and English Tack for the Millennium Horse
    Jai hair and 3-Piece Suit for M3 (retextured using Fabricator and MachPack)
    Real Tanks Containers (on the Pickup)
    Worldbase XT Desertlands background
    And a little smoke and steam from Ron's brushes in post

    I just flat-out love this one!
    Just plain out-of-the-park, MelanieL!

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    Pull (#6)

    #2646 Tavern Maid
    #2131 Penguin
    #1162 Dark Barding Textures
    #2190 President Day Super Pack ( Formal_for_Obama )

    I've already found a saying for this, now I just need to make it happen ;-)

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    TAG: Totte#6

    Totte said:
    Pull (#6)
    #2646 Tavern Maid
    #2131 Penguin
    #1162 Dark Barding Textures
    #2190 President Day Super Pack ( Formal_for_Obama )

    Saying: You should talk to farmers peasant wise and to the scholars in Latin

    Also used:
    Genesis + A_Caitlyn + Knotty hair + Eldorin boots
    President Day Super Pack - Obama
    DAZ Horse 2 + Dark Barding (for Dark Barding Textures)
    Genesis + Corbin + Hound dog + K-Nicky Hair
    Le FauBourg
    Curious Bus + There and About
    Dimesion Lights

    1200 x 960 - 196K
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  • TotteTotte Posts: 9,908
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    Last Pull! (#7)

    #1113 Cosmic (for space dweller)
    #963 Bus Pegasus
    #196 Fairytale Prince for M4 and H4
    #600 The Enchanted Forest

  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    063 Folding Screens
    109 Millenium Dragon Folk
    146 Safari Starter
    152 Shades of Atlantis Ankida Shaman

    title: Public Restroom
    tag: Zawarkal #03
    saying: The Line Starts Back There

    Folding Screens
    Millenium Dragon Folk
    Ankida Shaman worn by Dragon Folk (only parts I could fit since do not have Lycanthropos)
    Safari Starter; elephant, pronghorn, two panthers, zebra, rhinocerous, and serengeti background (lioness not part of set- but included her doing the peepee dance wanting to see if she can get cutsies)

    How many times have you waited in line

    1800 x 1800 - 689K
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    Thanks a lot, Ken.
    And thanks gopherus for your comments too.

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,109
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    Thanks, MelanieL. I did tweak Kuril a lot. the textures are really dark otherwise.

    A lot of really nice renders:

    Ken OBanion Most of yours are funny. I guess you just can't help it. :lol: I really like the Inexplicable Archaeological Site. On the Wrong Side of the Tracks is a very unique and beautiful render. Mother Nature Is A Bitch! -great posing. I love the deer looking at them. Don We Now Our Gay Apparel…! - You brought him back...Haha, very cute. Santa is in for a surprise. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already spoken for.” is my favorite of yours - the expressions are priceless and nice composition!

    Totte “When you wait for something good, you never wait in vain.” I see some existential angst there. ;-) I love the way you turned the saying around by using a pun. Small clumps often topples big loads I love this one and it's a great saying. Arguing with women is like peeing in the headwind, everything ends up on yourself. Great expression on her - I guess that saying is going through his head. #5 Nice one - I like the space in the foreground leading into the picture, makes it dramatic in a different way. #6 Very Totte-esque - I love the penguins going to the bus. I see you have Le FauBourg - what a great set!

    Bohemian3 I always love your renders. These two are so beautiful, though the Watched Pot is pretty creepy. And You can lead a hick to water…But you can’t make him think is a wonderfully odd juxtaposition. It is so powerfully done that it seems like a new fable.

    Lady Winterlace A bird in hand is better than a horse on the moon is just so cool! It's funny and silly, a great composition, and maybe it's true. Ladies first! Hmmm, some strange stuff going on there.

    Pixel8ted The road to ruin is paved by good intentions. Ooops. Funny and nicely done! An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. This is great, one of my favorites!

    Barbult - Wow, a lot of awesome renders! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I love this one - her expression is great. I see a lot of plucked flowers on the ground. Great perseverance. :lol: The Pageant is great! Must be some stinky S**T by the way the three kings are reacting.

    Sasje So many nice one, and even one for Christmas! Play music with feeling of your heart and soul is sooo beautiful, hard to stop looking at it! #3 is a beauty too. I love the color and contrasts and the winter light. #4 is so cool too. Such a calm well balanced scene, and then there's the rat looking at the guy with the funny hat looking at the toy and holding sculpting tool. So RRRR. #5 Very nice and creepy #6 "His bark is worse than his bite." Really? The set looks really good. Nice lighting and composition. #7 I like the dynamics among the people and animals

    gopherus #1 is so nice. I love how you put it together, really well balanced and it's fun. #2 Haha, that does look pretty stinky. So who is the culprit? No one seems to be enjoying it. #3 Another nice aerial view - powerful and a good composition.

    MelanieL #1 I'm not pulling any new stuff either, just stuff I'd rather not use. I love the dogs and wolf looking at Ron's Angel Dust in #1, so dog-like. Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth - Haha, I can see why Ken likes it - it looks like something he would do. I guess that is a compliment meaning it's funny and weird.

    JK0011 Nice one, great contrast between the little girl with bird and the big dragon .

    mhossack #01 Nice one. Looks like Mike had something to say to the elephant.

    Zawarkal - a strange group of children. They look bizarre on the kid's furniture. #2 Mr mayhem is pretty creepy. Poor Aiko. It's a hard life for a cartoon girl. #3 So now even the animals have to wait in line for the restroom. :lol:

    ShanarahPSU Nice one! I love the horse guy and his dragon friend. She seems to be laughing or at least smiling at him. Strange.

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,109
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    My last pull:

    Old West Sherrif's Office
    Steampunk Captain for V4 (Rendo)
    Elvyn Warrior Genesis

  • TotteTotte Posts: 9,908
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    Thanks Luci!
    I will try to get some comments in too. I love your build it and they will come, very Luci both in color and style!

  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    055 Enamore Mage
    152 Shades of Atlantis Ankida Shaman
    174 The Living Room Collection
    193 V3 Base

    title: Oh I'd Give Anything To...
    tag: Zawarkal #04
    saying: Be Careful What You Wish For... You Just Might Get It

    Enamore Mage
    Ankida Shaman worn by Genesis (only parts I could fit since do not have Lycanthropos)
    The living Room Collection room with chairs and lamp
    V3 Base

    1800 x 1800 - 557K
  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 829
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    Thanks Luci45 for your comments

    Looks to me like everyone is suspecting TaraLyn in front of being the culprit, but actually it s the old man
    on the throne who s lifting his leg to let another one rip. And since it s his party no one will be able to complain

    Love your #5 Hospitality
    reminds me totally of my student days when a friend traded rooms with me
    and i ended up rooming on an enclosed back porch
    not knowing that directly above was the communal bath with a leaky floor
    and at every bath, showers descended on my room
    i had every pot i owned spread out to catch the drips

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    Thanks Luci45 for the kind words.

    65 Fantasy Camp
    109 Lady Elf Hair
    155 Old Busted Joints for Delivery Sedan and Wagon
    172 PC 10 Extravaganza Bundle used Parkside Head and Parkside Box Car

    Also Used
    Urban Fae for V4
    Horse 2
    Ron's Weeds

    Saying: "End of the Story"
    Tag: JK0011 #3

    1080 x 607 - 647K
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  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 829
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    Thanks for your comments ShanarahPSU

    I really like the impact of the interaction of your characters in your #1
    Love close up over the shoulder shots

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 829
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    Here s my next and probably last

    Tag: Gopherus #04
    Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone

    V4 Elite Ethnic Faces
    Song Bird Remix: Hawaii

    I guess i could also have said for the merBaby
    Put your eggs in one basket and watch that basket (Mark Twain)
    and the opposite saying for the poor owl

    Special thanks for this one to Ken Gilliland for all his great models

    600 x 600 - 413K
  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,414
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    Thank you, Luci, for the kind words! I keep intending to do something similar, but I can never seem to 'screw my courage to the sticking point', as the Saying goes.... (I just Googled that saying, to find out where it came from, its origin; not even Google knows. I just remember it from the song 'Kill the Beast!', from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.)

    Anyway, here's my final draw:

    1363 - Sky Princess for MFD
    756 - Hooded Cloak for Genesis
    606 - Freak Millennium Beard
    499 - Equestrian Props

    I waited until I had played with the items I drew for a while, to make sure I could come up with something coherent, before posting them - yeah, I fully intended to cheat a bit, if I ended up with another fistful of drek! Turns out I didn't have to; everything just fell into place! Of course, adding all manner of miscellaneous crap to the scene certainly didn't hurt!

    I should have the result posted in a little while. I still need to tweak it a bit, so the Saying makes some kind of sense.

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,109
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    My last one
    Tread cautiously in strange lands and heed not the song of the nightingale
    (Yes, I made that up.)

    Old West Sherrif’s Office
    Steampunk Captain for V4 (Rendo)
    Elvyn Warrior Genesis

    Also used:
    Lorenzo LoRez
    Relic Hunter (hat)
    Simply Bazaar shaders
    Beard M5
    Cowboy and Tex (hats and guns)
    Varsel free Lorenzo pants
    Workingman shirts
    Belle Arum Hair

    1600 x 1280 - 828K
  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,414
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    Anyway, here's my final draw:

    1363 - Sky Princess for MFD
    756 - Hooded Cloak for Genesis
    606 - Freak Millennium Beard
    499 - Equestrian Props

    ...And here it is.

    Also used:
    Michael 3
    Victoria 4
    19th Century Outfit for M3
    19th Century Expansion Pack for the aforementioned 19th Century Outfit
    Goth as Fashion for the Freak
    Village Blacksmith
    WorldBase Extreme
    Regal Carriages
    Millennium Horse 2 (no, not the DAZ Horse 2)
    Glyn Hair (M3)
    Tears Hair (V4)
    Full Circle (texture for the Hooded Cloak)

    And I stole the whip from PhilC's Ringmistress for V4 (a freebie from his site)

    I did have to make one substitution - I don't know if that will disqualify the image; the Hooded Cloak for Genesis didn't install properly (after several attempts - I kept getting all kinds of 'missing file' errors), so I used the Hooded Cloak for Victoria 4.

    Anyway, with all that said....

    Title: Copping an Attitude (which is a Saying in and of itself, but not the one I was going for!)
    "Y'all don't want to go gettin' all uppity with Mongo there, Little Missy. That's like pokin' him in the eye with a sharp stick, makes him right cranky."

    And the Saying: "She don't ride into town two to a mule!"
    Translation (for the Texanese-impaired): "She's rich, and she wants to make sure you know it!"

    TAG: obanion#07
    800 x 600 - 885K
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  • ShanarahShanarah Posts: 70
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    Thanks, Luci and Gopherus! :) It did develop into a pretty strange scene. By the way, Luci, I loved If You Build it They Will Come. Such an awesome composition and great idea. :)

    Zawarkal - Great job on the Public Restroom. The Lioness' peepee dance is is hilarious and I love the shaman outfit on the dragon. :) And, yes, I think we've all been there at least once.

  • SasjeSasje Posts: 817
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    Thank you MelanieL and Luci45 for the comments :)

  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    073 Greatswords
    101 M4 Morphs++
    103 Millenium Baby 3.0
    164 Steam Dragon Poses

    title: I'll Teach You Not To Break My Toys
    tag: Zawarkal #05
    saying: Don't bring a blade to a poop fight

    A play on don't bring a knife to a gun fight

    Have you ever wondered what babies dream about

    Greatswords valTwoHandBloodedge
    M4 Morphs++ used lots of dial spins
    Mil Baby 3.0
    Steam Dragon Poses

    Also used the Iron Wasp and Steampunk Airship

    1800 x 1800 - 203K
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  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    Okay, I've picked my favorites, not saying who just waiting to see who wins. There are lots of great artists in this bunch. And, I've got to say this RRRR challenge is a hoot.

    Luci45 and ShanarahPSU thank you for your comments.

  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,414
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    Okay, I finally managed to do that 'courage-screwing' thing I mentioned a while back, so now that my competing days are over (for this go-round, at least), I thought I'd take a look back. I just hope I don't offend anyone with my observations....

    #1 ("When you wait for someone who has gone, you wait in vain"): Nice one, and a great start! I like the subdued colors, and that up-and-to-the-right flow gives it a sense of movement, even though everyone is just standing around. Waiting.
    #2 ("Small clumps often topple big loads") Okay, I honestly don't know what to make of this one; I guess it's a bit too obscure for my provincial mind-set. The rather sinister lighting is a nice touch, though.
    #3 ("Arguing with women....") Another bit of zaniness that we've come to expect from you, Totte! Great job! (And I'm sure the guy on his knees groveling went over well with the ladies!)
    #4 ("Attack is the best defense!") Another excellent job, Totte! Well framed, lots of action.... I could actually feel that punch! (It hurt.) Just another great piece of work!
    #5 ("My home is my castle") This is wild, very 'Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome'! A really, really great render!
    #6 ("You should talk to farmers peasant wise....") Okay, full disclosure: I voted for Romney, so you pretty much lost me with the Obama angle. But I love the Victorian hooker, and that 'March of the Penguins' bit - priceless! Typical Totte!

    #1 ("A watched pot never boils") Beautifully bizarre, and a great juxtaposition between the flames and the steam. Just all-around nicely done!
    #2 ("You can lead a hick to water....") Another beautiful render - nicely composed, love the colors (predominantly blue), and the subject speaks volumes! (Although, as something of a 'hick', myself, you're cutting awfully close to the bone there!)

    Lady Winterlace
    #1 ("A bird in hand....") Delightfully quirky, and an excellent use of a truly off-the-wall hodge-podge of pulled items. The subtlety of its lunacy (pun intended!) is striking!
    #2 ("Ladies First") Excellent job! Dark, sinister, and there's a lot going on there. An image that demands to be studied carefully, with a lot of surprises in store for anyone with the courage to do so.

    #1 ("The road to ruin....") Nice composition, excellent back-story, and scantily-clad women never hurt, either!
    #2 ("An ounce of prevention....") For some reason, this reminds me of my college days (and in case you were wondering, yes, I spent a fair chunk of it at least semi-blitzed!) It's just so bizarre, surreal, even. Way to twist my brain into a Mobius Pretzel!

    #1 ("We're fools whether we dance or not....") Wow! Just... wow! The colors are beautiful, the atmosphere is perfect, and the sentiment it expresses is just plain moving. Fantastic work! (As usual, I might add.)
    #2 ("Seeing an owl in the daytime....") Another awesome piece of work! The glowing owl's wings are the defining touch - simply perfect!
    #3 ("Never pick up hitchhikers....") Wonderfully silly, Luci! You turned that 'strange brew' of a draw into something... even stranger! Touche!
    #4 ("Lao Mao, I have a feeling we're not in Canton anymore") Another superb composition. The colors, the subdued lighting, the promise of what lies beyond that portal.... Just wonderful!
    #5 ("Accept hospitality, but always pitch your tent") You've done it again, Luci - turned out a fascinating image, and managed to confuse the hell out of me, all in one fell swoop! The water is well done, and the expression on the man's face is simply priceless! (But where the hell is all that water coming from!?)
    #6 ("If you build it, they will come") Probably your best of this contest! The colors, the action, the mix of the mundane with the fanciful - everything you're best at, all rolled up into one delicious render! Simply stunning!
    #7 ("Tread cautiously in strange lands....") You just keep doing it, Luci! An excellent composition that tells a a deeply satisfying story. The 'culture-shocked' expressions on the cowboys' faces are priceless! And the oh-so-serious expression of the 'guide': "Don't trust that bird; he'll crap on your hat and sing like it's funny!" Another beautiful job!

    #1 ("If at first you don't succeed....") A deliciously whimsical composition, and the story is simply sublime! I guess 'persistence pays off'!
    #2 ("S**t happens", et alia) I can't help but admire someone who can multi-task! This is a great one, and it works on so many levels! I can practically smell the donkey-poop!
    #3 ("A horse in the hayloft....") This is very well done, especially given the bizarre mix of items you had to work with. Good job!

    #1 ("Many hands make light work") A beautiful, seasonal piece; nice arrangement of your drawn items into a coherent theme. Very well done!
    #2 ("Play music with feeling....") This is just beautiful! Well composed, the color and lighting are pitch-perfect, and the overall mood is almost sensual. Like I said: just beautiful!
    #3 ("Hear the cuckoo mid-March....") Another nice one. Perfectly seasonal, and well-framed. The background is just plain awesome!
    #4 ("The right tool for the right job") I really like this one, mainly because I have a rather sentimental attachment to the Dystopian Console Station (it famously saved my butt in a previous RRRR challenge). But you gotta wonder whose 's***list' this poor schmuck ended up on to pull this duty!
    #5 ("Choose your last wish carefully") I like the lighting and the composition, but I'm especially curious as to what the first two wishes were! And that's the beauty of this render: it poses so many provocative questions.
    #6 ("His bark is worse than his bite") Do you seriously expect us to believe that!? This one is great! The image tells a great story, and you made great use of your random items.
    #7 ("Good friends, close friendship") Man, she better not be getting ready to shoot the dog! (MelanieL will have your guts for garters!) A great quasi-apocalyptic render, and very well staged - except for the direction that gun is pointed, of course!

    #1 ("...the elephant in the room") This one is great! About as subtle as a baseball bat between the eyes, but I often feel that subtlety is wildly over-rated. This is RRRR quirkiness at its finest!

    #1 ("There's no reason to walk on the branches....") This is just delightful! Colorful, fanciful, whimsical.... Just an all-around great image!
    #2 ("Every man loves the smell of his own farts") Okay, this one is just flat-out hysterical! The expressions are telling - especially the old guy in back; he's enjoying himself way too much! I can only imagine what weird mental process took those random items and evoked that saying, but I'm probably better off not knowing! A palpable hit!
    #3 ("He who wants everything will lose everything") This one is excellently creepy! It practically screams Tim Burton! I like it!
    #4 ("Laugh and the world laughs with you....") It's the little things that make this one so precious - that 'I sleep with the fishes' balloon is absolutely priceless! Sentimental as all get-out, and it works!

    #1 ("A man's best friend is his dog") I love this one! It reminds me of a Renaissance painting (a Titian, perhaps?) A beautiful blend of color, composition, lighting and effects. Well done!
    #2 ("Never look a gift horse in the mouth") I've already mentioned how much I like this one, but I will add this: If I had drawn those items, there is no way I would have come up with that scenario (regardless of what Luci said!) The whole concept is simply inspired!

    #1 ("A little birdie told me") A very good one, in my view - a simple composition that hints at a real story behind it; the dragon's guilt-ridden posture says it all! ("I done a ba-a-a-ad thing!")
    #2 ("My grandmother always said 'She who hesitates is lost'....") Yeah, I'm kind of curious about that punching bag in the garden, too! A nice render, though, if a trifle confusing; the flowers add a nice bit of color, and the shadows around the wishing well add a touch of mystery. Nicely done.
    #3 ("End of the Story") This one is just plain good; it's a nice arrangement, the shadows are vell done (and man, I know how tough shadows are to get right, mainly because I almost never do!), the soft colors, the air of almost inexpressible sadness that suffuses the whole scene.... A really good image!

    #1 ("It's like being at the kids table at Christmas....") This is... interesting. Scary in one sense, whimsical in another. The pastel colors soften the 'Troll-jolt', and the winter scene through the window adds a nice, 'homey', touch. A busy little vignette. Good job!
    #2 ("If it weren't for bad luck....") Oh, man, this one is just... depressing. (And trust me, I know from depressing; I should, I've been dealing with it for nearly forty years. That's probably why this image disturbs me so much.) I'm no huge fan of Aiko, but I sure don't want to see her come to this pass. Don't mis-read me; it's a great, rather surrealistic render, with some highly complex imagery, but.... as I said, depressing.
    #3 ("The line starts back there") Okay, you redeemed yourself with this one! It's really funny, and so universally true! Excellent job!
    #4 ("Be careful what you wish for....") Another excellent composition! well played! The Faustian bargain is a never-ending lode to be mined...!

    #1 ("My kingdom for a horse") This one is intriguing, in a 'Salvador-Dali-on-bad-dope' kind of way. There's a lot going on, with great use of the drawn items, and the colors and lighting are very welldone (IMHO). Good. Weird. Good and weird. Both.

    Well, that's what I've come up with so far. I know it isn't over yet, so I'm sure I'll have something to say about others (including those that were submitted while I was working on this magnum opus).

    And if you want to take that as a threat..., go right ahead! ;-)

  • TotteTotte Posts: 9,908
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    Thanks for you comments Ken (The small clump render suffered from the problem that I discovered at render time, Victorian bedrooms outside looks like crap ) ;-)

    Tag: Totte#7

    Totte said:

    #1113 Cosmic (for space dweller)
    #963 Bus Pegasus
    #196 Fairytale Prince for M4 and H4
    #600 The Enchanted Forest

    Also used:
    M4 + Ulrich + Princely
    M4 + Yago + SpaceDweller (for Cosmic)

    Saying: You can't see the forest for the trees

    1200 x 960 - 228K
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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 10,161
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    Wow, Ken, thanks for putting in the effort to comment on all the pictures. Your comments made me want to go back and look again at some of them. I think you saw things I missed the first time around.

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 10,161
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    gopherus, I just went back and looked at your ’ Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”. I just noticed the Bass-In-Net. That is hilarious!!!! I also noticed other subtle touches like the way you can see through a balloon to the writing on the back of the balloon. And now I see the broken egg by the nest. I wonder what I will discover next in this one. It was definitely worth a second look. Credit Ken’s comments for getting me to go back and look harder. Great work.

  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,414
    edited December 1969

    Hell, barbult, you just made me want to take another look at some of these renders! I did notice the 'BASS-IN-NET', and I thought briefly that a fishing rod would be so perfect..., but wouldn't that be, like, cannibalism? Yuck! Let's not go there!

    There are multiple levels in so many of these submissions, and we can spend weeks exploring them (and frankly, I think we all should!)

    Suffice it to say, that the voting is liable to be one of the toughest decisions we have ever made in this context, and I was just trying to get a jump on it (voicing my own thoughts, finding that one element that makes each one stand out). Even so, this is likely to become the REAL challenge: deciding which is the 'Best', or the 'Funniest'. Every one of them has its own virtue, and is worthy of recognition. They are all great, each in its own way....

    This is going to be a seriously tough call....

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 3,820
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    MelanieL said:
    Oops - forgot to add my next pull:

    436 = Colors for Timeless Male Hair
    479 = Songbird ReMix Seabirds
    459 = Colours for Wild Orchid Hair
    332 = Medieval Village (= Blacksmith, Barn, Gatehouse and Inn)


    Saying: A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

    Also Used:
    V5 and two V3's wearing Morphing Fantasy Dresses (with Chohole's "Homespun" textures) and Wild Orchid Hair
    M5 wearing GIS for Genesis Male (retextured with Ye Olde CLothe shaders) and Timeless Male Hair
    M3 wearing M3 Tunic Pack (retextured with Ye Olde Clothe and Leatherizer shaders) and Timeless Male Hair
    Lyne's Chicken (freebie)
    Lisa's Botanicals Cherry Tree
    Medieval Market (stalls and foodstuffs)
    Skydome textured from KickAir8P (Bryce sky freebie)

    1024 x 768 - 414K
  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 829
    edited December 2012

    Thanks Ken for your comments and for posting a synopsis of all the renders so far.
    I m going to use it for sure when I check them all out in the voting thread. You ve got a great "eye"

    Thanks Barbult for your observations. I did sort of get carried away, each little thing begging for another.

    Nice one MelanieL! Well thought out and arranged. Great color. and one good laying hen is easily worth
    two gulls in the bush.... or even more

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