How can I add new morphs to a saved DAZ Studio Genesis file?

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Apologies if this has been discussed before or it is plain obvious (and I am missing it) but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere.

I have a save file with a Genesis figure that has some morphs to turn it into, let's say, "Creature A". Later on, after getting a new set of morphs for "Creature B", I load the old save file so I can combine some of B's features into A. Except that the slider (on the right hand of the screen) for turning Genesis into B is nowhere to be found.

If I load a new instance of Genesis, all the sliders are available. But after painstakingly setting up the first figure like I want, I would prefer if I didn't have to recreate it just to add some morphs. :P

Thanks in advance.


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    I seem to recall that adding certain morphs to Gen4 figures had to be done with a fresh figure, rather than a saved and reloaded one. However, if you can find the morph injector for the new morphs, try selecting Genesis and applying it. Also, if that doesn't work, save your 'Creature A' as a character preset, then load a fresh Genesis with all the morphs you need/want, and then apply the character preset to it, to re-create 'Creature A', while retaining all the freshly-injected morphs, so you can mix and match.

    The point, of course, being that new morphs will never auto-load into old scenes. You'll have to hand-apply them in some way.

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    With genesis you can simply make sure you have it selected, double-click on the base Genesis in the Content Library or Smart Content and, if prompted, choose to apply it to the current figure rather than loading a new figure - then just hit Undo to reverse the material and pose changes. However, this will work only if the morph you want to add has been saved as a DSF morph - if it exists only on a different saved figure, and doesn't show on a freshly loaded Genesis, then this won't work.

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