PP 2014 Content Library Manager (aka Why is There a Download Folder in PP2014 Content)?

So I've been using PP2014 a while, well, since it came out.  And I just noticed there's a Downloads folder in my content directory listing.  I don't use it.  There's nothing in it.  I don't want it there.  It just clutters up my list of content directories (I have 7 or 8 that are organized the way I want them).  So I deleted it in Windows.  And relaunched PP2014.  And the folder is back. So obviously Poser wants it there.  If I can't get rid of it, maybe I can hide it? Is there a content manager or something in the Preferences (which I'm not seeing) that lets me choose which folders appear in my Content Library screen? 


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    You could try from within Poser:

    Go to your library, use the dropdown menu besides "Show library", so you only see the "Downloads" library and use the remove library button to the right.

    I didn't try, because it doesn't disturb me - but it is worth a try.

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