Animate2 Parent Constraint Problem

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I followed the instructions from the YouTube video tutorial. It was very simple. But the cup isn't following the hand up. The cup starts up okay, but as it goes up, it moves slower, not keeping up with the hand. I have tried doing this several different ways, including creating a null, parenting to the hand then using it as the source but that just creates a bigger mess. Any ideas how to make the cup follow the hand up at the same speed as the hand?

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  • carolinebegbiecarolinebegbie Posts: 162
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    Just off the top of my head, could it be a scaling issue? If I remember correctly, I think you get around scaling issues by parenting to a null, and then scaling the null, rather than scaling the object.

  • jaebeajaebea Posts: 438
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    It could be. I didn't think about the size. BUT, I just finished the 4 second sequence by animating the cup frame by frame. It's not perfect but it's moving fast enough that you can't really see that the animation isn't perfect. It's rendering right now...going to take about 15 of the longer ones. Hope to have this music video done in another 2 weeks.

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