Too many PZ3 How To View PZ3

Hi all, first time poster.

I hoping that this is the right area to post this question...

I have been playing with poser since version4.

Now with Poser 11 Pro,

Over the years I have saved tons of PZ3 files,

Now is there a program or a script "Plugins", that I can use to view the .PZ3 files,

instead of loading them one at the time in Poser, wich is blowing my mind up.

Any advise would really be appreciated. I need to cleanup house

I'm using Poser Pro 11, with shader work Librarie 2, Reality 4.3.

Thanks in advance




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    Hi. P3dO Explorer Pro from Senosoft can view PZ3 files as well as other Poser files, images and 3d models etc...

    There is a Free version but it does not display PZ3 files so you'll need to purchase the Pro version.

    Two personal observations on the software:

    1. The previews can take a little while to load when viewing large or complex scenes,

    2. the previews can sometimes be a little basic

    Dispite those two niggles it's a great file explorer for Poser and 3d


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  • Thanks adzan,

    I bought the P3DO

    Wow what is this? It's a start, but what's wrong with this Program? It displays, the PZ3 files, but it displays a Model Posing with a Model at Zero combined,

    All my PZ3 objects are comformed to my model, but it displays the object behind the models.

    I'm using 2 Poser, 2014Pro and Poser11 Pro, In the Option I directed it to Poser 2014 where most of my Models were created, but it all comes out distorted.

    Am I missing a setup or two somewhere.


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    Sorry the program isn't behaving.

    I haven't seen the issue with a figure that is duplicated both posed and zeroed in 3PDO - only time i've seen a similar error is when using genesis in Poser.

    I also haven't seen the issue where the clothes are behind the figure.

    Probably best to contact Senosoft, they usually answers emails pretty quickly:

    here are the contact details if you don't have them handy -    or     [email protected]


  • Thanks adzan

    I will contact them.

    Here is an example of the quoted problem.

    Hope I can post it.

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    That could be down to limitations of OpenGL, which has trouble with multiple layers of transparency.  Some older programs seem to have problems with newer graphics cards that have much higher levels of OpenGL than the programs were originally written for -- I've seen DS2 have problems with newer cards that aren't a problem in DS3 and DS4.

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