pose presets should NEVER SCALE the figure!



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    Mattymanx said:
    A pose set that is designed for a particular figure or character morph will need to be tweaked if used with a different figure or character morph. Genesis is no different. Different shapes require different rotation values of the nodes inorder to accomplish a near identical pose.

    Agreed, but that's not my main problem. My main problem is, as in the thread title, scaling.

    Below is an example of a comic character using smay's Chibi Boy with the head scaled to my taste. Below are four sample poses using different pose packages. The first is Capsces Poses for HIro 5; she's a pro and I've never, ever had a problem with any of her pose packs. The character's pose, as you mentioned, may need minor tweaks, but I know that going in, and they're never too difficult. Next to it is one of Muscleman's Extreme Heroes Ultimate Poses. Besides the head (and eyes, and all of the tongue joints) being reset to 100%, notice the feet peeking through the boots. Not too hard to fix, just make 'em invisible, right? That's true... except they already *were* invisible, as were all parts of the body hidden beneath clothing. Besides "fixing" my scaling issue, Muscleman's poses also "fix" anything I've turned invisible.

    The third pose is from the M5 General Poses; like Capsces, no problems whatsoever. The fourth is Khory's Easy Going Poses for Micheal 5. Scaling problems, but at least everything that was set to invisible still is.

    Of the Pose packages I've purchased for Genesis, less than half work correctly without altering my character. They're pose packages, not morph packages. Some artists have no problem supplying pose packages that just pose the character. To the best of my knowledge, it's a matter of selecting the correct options when saving, but while some artists do it perfectly every time, other's don't.

    Tweaking the pose, no problem. Redoing scaling and visibility settings... well, I start to lose the time savings I was getting, which was the whole point of buying pose packs in the first place.

    -- Walt Sterdan

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    This brings up a good point. It would be nice, if at some time there was some documentation on best practices in areas such as posing in the support area that defined what set of standards one should support if creating to share, especially as a PA. With no such standard, the PA's are left to doing the best they can. In retrospect it might seem simple but sometimes like saturday morning quarterbacks.. simple is simple in hindsight.The other thing is, hopefully pointing some of this out will help some of the PA's involved to migrate towards a best practice standard, even updating their current pose packs for both current and future purchasers :)

    It does seem to go against the whole idea of Genesis and custom dialed characters if pose packs are going to blow out all of the custom work someone has done, much less the issues you have described.

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    Gedd, I could not agree with you more!

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    The reason why it is not a good idea to translate the hip is that once the hip starts rotating, the X & Z translation for the hip changes acording to the hips rotation. So if you have two characters poses together and you need to mirror the poses and keep them together, it becomes much more difficult to line them back up if the hip is translated. But if you only use it for rotation and do the translation at the base then mirroring a pose is a breeze regardless of how sophisticated it is.

    Walt, I forgot you were refering to scaling (as I look back and see you quoted the OP - my bad)

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    Mattymanx said:
    Walt, I forgot you were refering to scaling (as I look back and see you quoted the OP - my bad)

    IMHO, anything that has to do with Pose Preset problems is perfectly On Topic :)

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