How do I Apply the New Content I Got From Renderotica (or from anywhere for that matter)?

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I am brand spanking new to DAZ. I just purchased some new content (poses, materials, etc) from a web site called, I unzipped the contents after downloading the file, but now I do not understand how I apply it to my DAZ Studio 4 Pro, so that I can use the contents. Do I import it? Open it direct?

Please help me. Thank You loads :)

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    depends if you are a Mac or Windows user
    I cannot help with Mac
    in Windows you unzip it
    copy or
    if you do not want delete the original afterwards
    (studio may find it as an unneeded confusing extra directory in a content search)
    the folder called runtime and paste it in your Daz studio content folder under library in documents usually, there will already be a folder named runtime in there.
    Windows will ask if you want to merge it
    click yes, same with any folders
    when it comes to files you may have to chose whether to replace, save as duplicate or ignore do not copy, if it is a readme,a duplicte is handy if it is a different size as it may have other information, otherwise ignore do not copy the safest, it should not happen with anything but readmes.
    if it does, you will still have that uncopied file in your original unzipped folder to see what it was and why.

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    Wow, thank you so very, very much, Wendy! I really DO appreciate your quick return. I knew it had to be something simple & you explained it perfect.
    Yes, I am on a Windows computer, so you hit home.
    Have an awesome weekend :)

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    So, what you are saying is that old non-meta-dataed content works in the My Documents based runtime and not if it is in a subfolder within
    the DS4 program folder??? OMG say it is so, pleeeze... I had Daz4Pro, Bryce 7Pro and they worked beautifully with all content... then my HD
    crashed, and I reinstalled them, now my non-metadataed content does not show up, only the content from the program itself.

    And a new problem has surfaced... now my programs install sucessfully or so my computer tells me), but both
    Daz 3 AND4 links to execute --they just won't start up the program.
    I have been forced to use the Bryce6/Daz1.3 combo but I have a lot of DS|4 files I can no longer touch.

    I know that's a lot of issues to throw into one post but it's driving me insane... I've been using Bryce since Bryce 5 Corel version,
    and never heard of Daz|Studio until they merged. 8 years already. I'm gonna cry if I can't find a way to get this resolved.

    Win 7, 64 bit Dell Inspiron, 6 gig memory (lower 32 only accessible by Bryce, cutting my file sizes).
    BTW, when are they coming out with a 64 bit Bryce? I can fit three figures in my scene max.
    Here's what I was used to be able to create (sob...) :-/ ...

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    Addendum...he motel and pool fence are my own creation, (PM me if you 'd like to have them, I also have a very realistic beach)
    the patio table surface was duplicated, set as negative, booleaned, and converted... and duplicated again as neutral,
    using a pebbled glass texture... very cool results :-)

    BTW, t he patio set is available free at, their old freebie-of-the-week archive no one remembers,
    there are a lot of cool models in there... a patio table set (the one above], a daycruiser power boat, two jet skis,
    a sailboard and more, all high quality.

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    Content can go in the same place regardless of whether or not it has metadata - but without metadata it won't appear in the Smart Content pane. It will appear, under Poser formats or DAZ Studio Formats and then the folder installed to, in the Content Library pane.

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