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    I too had difficulty picking only five but here are the ones I finally decided on:

    1. Sasje #6 - SSSSHHHHT
    2. Barbult#5 - Contact
    3. Lucy45#3 - Purple Pansies
    4. KaribousBoutique#4 - Everything Zen
    5. MelanieL#5 - A Moment of Reflection

    1. DennyL#1 - Pet T-Rex Can't Swim
    2. Winterlace#4 - She's a Bit Big
    3. KaribousBoutique#3 - The Modern and Archaic Methods of Beating a Dead Horse
    4. Totte#6 - Dr. Horrible's Garage Sale
    5. Pixel8ted#6 - Pranked

  • HoppittyHoppitty Posts: 455
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    1 Tag:Sasje#6
    2 TAG: Pixel8ted#6
    3 TAG:Luci45#3
    4 Tag:Estroyer#1
    5 TAG:mhossack#1

    1 TAG: KaribousBoutique #3
    2 TAG: Denny L #1
    3 Tag:barbult#4
    4 Tag:Sasje#2
    5 TAG:Totte#5

  • Lady WinterlaceLady Winterlace Posts: 0
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    Voted (but not telling :P)! It was really hard - much harder than making the images.
    Thanks for sharing all these great renders and making me laugh so often during the last weeks!

  • SylvanSylvan Posts: 2,646
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    I need to revote, but have a tight scedule at the moment >>
    Because there are so many (and I didn't wrote my previous one down) I need some time :D

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,388
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    Just a little bump to make people come and vote!

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675
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    curious to see if anyone liked my render ... sigh

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,388
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    curious to see if anyone liked my render ... sigh

    Most probably very liked, but the competition this round was really hard. I like about 75% of the renders so much I wanted to give them points, when I had 10 left in each category I almost cried when I had to remove half of them from the top five, was much harder to vote than to make the renders, much much harder ;-)

  • bohemian3bohemian3 Posts: 773
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    Hi all...
    This round of RRRR was truly amazing.... Here are some comments of a few entries that caught my attention. As always, they were all terrific but something about these 'popped' for me. I voted for ten of these, but not necessarily in the order here ;)

    the composition on this is excellent - it could be the poster for a really great movie. The blending of realism and cartoon is really well done.

    Sasje#5 - There is a little story. Sweet, enchanting. the framing of the characters
    is very well done and artful.

    sedor#1 - Matchball - Great depth. I find the posing of the left women especially
    graceful and dynamic.

    sedor#2 - Costume party. Terrific posing and real sense the characters are

    Micky_3d - Oh you do those gorgerous women so well. I like the abstract poses which
    makes the image truly distinctive.

    adacey#1 - Great use of color to create a compelling mood. I like the pose and menace
    of the hag!

    KaribousBoutique #3 - Terrific intensity of the characters. The color and lighting is truly striking.

    Winterlace#1 - My Hero: Even princesses have dreams ... There is something elegant and
    classy about this render.

    Dreaming a Monstor Battle Ballet at Zero-G

    Stunning use of color. Visually there's something even Byzantine about the design.
    Luci at her best!

    Winterlace#4 - enchanting. This wants to be a movie immediately. I find the characters adorbable and the posing and use of space is really wonderful. Well done.

    barbult#5 - Contact.
    Imagantive. Terrific camera angle and composition to give this breadth and visual interest.

    The Rescuers

    I really like the visual style of this, a kind of high-end graphic style that's sleek, graceful, yet still compelling. very well done.

    Totte#7 Oh! No! It’s Lenny Loan shark! Classic Totte. There's something about your
    style that is Monty Python meets Magritte. I'd know one of your renders anywhere.

    Ostadan#1 - Audition - This is wonderfully delightful - the setup for a children's
    book. The idea of this big ol paws of the tiger juggling is giggle inducing for sure.

    Sasje#2 - Please look at the camera
    I love the incongruity of the everyday elements and the exotic creatures. Fun play of elements.

    obanion#03 - Truly wacky. Enough said.

    emsim#2 - Need a lift - Nice use of color. Playful and charming at the same time.

    laputcha#7 - Maybe not so much funny as whimsical. The storybook feel is truly
    fun and engaging.

    Denny L #1
    Title: Pet T-Rex Can’t Swim
    Fun and enchanting. Something Disney-esque makes this render quite cute and lovable.

    Not My Hydrangeas You Don’t!
    There's something lovable yet deranged about the heroine defending her spoils ;)

    Great job by all!

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    Hey folks, If you played please vote. If you watched and had fun please vote. If you did neither but love a nice fun contest please vote.

    As a sponsor I do not wish to vote, also you all did such nice work I can not pick just 5 in each category.
    LUCK to ALL. Now please vote.

  • 3DProclivity3DProclivity Posts: 538
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    So, how many people have voted so far? :) And when will the final tally be made?

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,388
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    So, how many people have voted so far? :) And when will the final tally be made?

    19 has voted so far, and the final tally will be done on Wednesday, December 5 (I hope Bohemian3 will assist, just remembered I'm invited to a xmas late lunch with some friends and colleagues that day, will probably count like the Palm Springs vote tallies after that, but thats a good time to make wacky renders... ;-)

  • adaceyadacey Posts: 186
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    Bump, finally got my votes in. I prefer to keep them private but to each their own.

  • Micky_3dMicky_3d Posts: 144
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    My vote :

    1st Adacey #1
    2nd Sedor #2
    3rd Sasje #6
    4th Pixel8ted #3
    5th Estroyer #1

    1st Luci45#4
    2nd Barbult#4
    3rd Winterlace#4
    4th Pixel8ted#6
    5th Totte#6

    & great work everyone :lol:

  • warmbloodwarmblood Posts: 74
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    Great contest. Fun to enter and fun to try to choose my favs from among all of the great entries.

    Also, I'm thrilled to see my entry popped up a few times above. Thanks!

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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,388
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    OK Closed!

  • adaceyadacey Posts: 186
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    Totte said:
    OK Closed!

    Looking forward to seeing the results from this one, there were tons of great entries.

  • Lady WinterlaceLady Winterlace Posts: 0
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    Me too! Thanks for all the positive comments on my pictures. I'm glad you liked them! :)

    I really enjoyed seeing all the entries, some made me laugh so much, and others were just moving, and all were just great!

  • 3DProclivity3DProclivity Posts: 538
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    Me three. :)

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,388
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    Winners are announced in this thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/12867/

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