Cheat Sheet.

If anyone has put themselves together A Hexgone Cheat Sheet, word or PDF

 I would be most greatful if you would share. BB.


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    ty so much, I was getting a 404 error from the links to that documentation that came up in google. The Cheat sheet will be very helpful and there is alot of other good information. there.

    I was looking for something more like my Sculptris cheat sheet. As I find Hexagons naming pretty counter intuitive. Like Tweek+Soft would be Grab in Sculptris. but your link is going to be so valuable, so TYVM again. BB



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  • Someone did post a keyboard with all the shortcut keys on it, but that was ages ago and is probably lost now. But just thought I'd mention the Custom Tool palette, if you right click on a tool it can be added to the Custom Palette which can be docked anywhere you want it, so you can have your most used tools at hand. Also, you can customise the short-cuts so CTR+L, CTR+B and CTR+C etc are memorable (Loop,Bridge & Connect).

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